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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

The Diatomic is a unique flipper knife that WE Knife Company released at Blade Show Texas 2023 to great acclaim, going on to win Best Factory Tactical Knife at the show and winning again at USN’s The Gathering for Best Factory Folder. That it got recognized as a cut above the rest of WE’s already premium knives speaks volumes for this model.

The knife comes with a dagger-style folding blade, which is rare for non-automatic folding knives and especially not dressed up in the four styles the Diatomic comes with, including an extravagant Hakkapella Damasteel. Unlike many traditional daggers or even modern interpretations, the Diatomic features top-tier steel and titanium and an intelligent design that’s a pleasure to use for both work and play.

Speed and symmetry are at the heart of the Diatomic. The smooth flipper mechanism gives you quick access to the single-edge 3.78″ dagger blade that features CPM 20CV stainless steel with excellent maximum sharpness and edge retention, befitting a top-end material. Furthering the symmetric design, it comes with a flipper tab on both sides (but only swings out from one) and a deep carry pocket clip on both sides, giving your fingers a place to grip or rest when using the knife. Machined grooves continue the geometric design started by the clip, adding extra purchase towards the tail end.

The beautifully crafted bead-blasted 6Al-4V titanium handle integrates a secure frame lock that holds the blade open during use. Another safety feature that the flipper tabs append is acting as blade guards on both the top and bottom of the knife to help prevent you from cutting yourself on your knife when you’re piercing through rough material.

What we like: The symmetrical dagger design of the WE Knife Diatomic makes it one of the best knives for piercing and cutting with its larger blade and its outstanding point. And true to WE fashion, it comes with the best materials you can find on a production knife.

What to watch out for: While the Diatomic has a blade with a symmetrical dagger profile, only one of the two edges is sharp. The single-edge design is safer and more accessible for anyone not used to EDCing an actual dagger and better accommodating laws where a double edge may not be allowed.

Final verdict: WE knives are already at the top of the game, and the Diatomic leads the pack as a two-time champion.

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