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If you’re looking for a grail-worthy minimalist folding knife to EDC, you might find that your options are actually pretty limited. The team at The James Brand certainly thought so, and they designed The Chapter to offer an ultra-premium minimalist modern gents everyday carry folding knife that sticks to a sleek and clean aesthetic. With minimal moving parts, it’s easy to maintain and care for while offering some of the best performance your money can buy. And since 2014 The Chapter has remained one of the best tools built for hard use and adventure without breaking your aesthetic in the process.

Two things make The Chapter worthy of being your next purchase: the first is the gorgeous super-premium Damasteel Rose DS93X drop point blade. At 2.75″ long it has more than enough length to handle all of your daily cutting and slicing tasks, and the steel composition allows it to keep a hard edge for longer than a standard off-the-shelf knife. It also contrasts well with the slim and sleek 6Al4V titanium handle, which also features a reliable frame lock to hold everything in place even during rough use.

The manual right-handed thumb stud deployment is made easier with a cutout in the handle for easy access with one hand, and the ceramic bearings in the pivot of the handle make for a smooth and consistent opening every time. And rounding it all off is the deep carry pocket clip which meshes well with the overall look of the knife, letting you carry the knife tip down without it sticking up too much at your pants pocket, advertising itself to all who can see.

It’s rare to find such a compelling mix of smart design, premium materials, and a clean minimalist aesthetic that suits your needs when you’re looking for a high-end modern gents knife for everyday carry. And the best part is it’s available in four different colorways and blade configurations, including a model that has a partially serrated blade that’s great for cutting through cordage and rough material. The Chapter is ready to be your be-all-end-all grail knife, and you can buy one today at the link below.

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