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Orange has had a long history and association with everyday and emergency gear. Its loud, highly visible hue makes it ideal for quick identification, especially against the more neutral tones of nature, making it an excellent accent for adventure and the outdoors. And against the dark colors of EDC gear like bags and pouches, orange makes for an effective interior contrasting color so you can quickly find and retrieve what you need. But if you need even more orange in your life, The Ridge has you covered with the new Basecamp Orange collection, which brings the color’s hi-vis properties to their tried-and-true trio of everyday essentials.

It starts, of course, with The Ridge Basecamp Orange Wallet. Its outer plates are constructed from reliable T6 6061 aluminum alloy, giving it aerospace-grade strength and corrosion resistance without adding too much weight. The orange gets applied via a powder coat treatment, giving the wallet a matte, rough finish with a unique, grippy texture that’s also exceptionally durable against bumps and scratches. And like all Ridge Wallets, the Basecamp Orange comes with the ability to hold up to 12 cards, RFID blocking, cash carry options in a Cash Strap or Money Clip, and a lifetime warranty to keep it going for a lifetime of adventure.

The best adventures are the ones you share, and the Basecamp Orange Collection comes with an equally colorful cast of companions to go with the wallet. The Scout is a bolt-action pen with a fun and fidgetable action built into a seriously robust T6 6061 aluminum construction. It takes its color via ceramic paint, which adheres better to its cylindrical shape, with a black Manganese spring steel clip as a contrast. Last but not least is its pressurized ballpoint refill which gives it reliable writing performance no matter where the adventure takes you.

And for organizing and silencing your jangly keychain, the Basecamp Orange KeyCase secures up to six of your keys via a patent pending tension plate system, with said plates taking on the collection’s signature color and texture through the same powder coating treatment as the Ridge Wallet.

Whether making an eye-searing statement or adding hi-vis functionality to your daily carry, The Ridge Basecamp Orange collection is hard to miss. You can shop the collection at the links below and save 10% off your order as a reader of Everyday Carry with code EDC10.

Basecamp Orange Wallet

Basecamp Orange Scout Pen

Basecamp Orange KeyCase

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