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As one of the most important (and most fragile) items in our everyday carry, our mobile phone is an investment that deserves all the protection it can get. But with hundreds of screen protectors and cases in the market, choosing the right one isn’t always a straightforward task. The phone protection products from BodyGuardz caught our eye because of their use of high-quality materials and commitment to innovation. Their 30-day money-back guarantee also adds icing to the cake. Here are some of the standout items we picked that will give your phone some added functionality and protection.

Pure 3 Screen Protector

If you’ve got an iPhone 13 or 14, the Pure 3 Screen Protector is one of the best ways to save your screen from cuts and scratches. It uses a proprietary blend of glass to make your screen five times stronger, making it the most robust glass available from BodyGuardz. It’s not invulnerable, though, but on the rare occasion that the protective glass chips, cracks, or shatters, you can receive free replacements for the life of your device.

BodyGuardz’s green initiatives ensured that the Pure 3 Screen Protector is also highly sustainable, becoming the first glass screen protector to receive the Green Product Mark certification from TUV Rheinland. BodyGuardz formulates its glass with a minimum of 30% recycled glass and uses plastic-free packaging. The packaging and the installation tools are also curbside recyclable and only use soy-based inks.

Applying the screen protector is easy with BodyGuardz’s patented installation system, reducing the chances of misalignment and mistakes.

Those with iPhone 14s looking to keep their sensitive information away from prying eyes can opt for the Pure 3 Privacy Screen Protector. It’s designed to obscure the view of your phone’s display from the sides while still allowing a crystal-clear view when looking at it from the front. Like the clear Pure 3 protector, it’s made with 30% recycled glass and uses 100% recyclable packaging.

Pure 3 Screen Protector

Pure 3 Privacy Screen Protector

Motus Case

Those with active lifestyles would benefit from the BodyGuardz Motus Case, which provides multi-layered, best-in-class impact protection for your iPhone 14 and antimicrobial treatment to lessen dirt and grime buildup. But more than simply protecting your phone, the Motus case also adds some useful functionality. It features sound-enhancing speaker ports, grippy materials to reduce the chance of accidental drops, and a Quick Draw Clip. The clip has many versatile uses, whether to hold some cash or as a self-standing vertical base. The clip makes it easy to attach your phone to your bag, bike, or belt, so you no longer have to fish it out of your pants when you need to use it.

Motus Case

Ace Pro with MagSafe

The Ace Pro with MagSafe is BodyGuardz’s tried-and-true best-selling case for good reason. The Ace Pro is hard to beat when it comes to top-end impact protection in a slim, lightweight design. And the built-in MagSafe ring makes it instantly compatible with dozens of MagSafe accessories, whether charging, gaming, or mounting your iPhone 13 or 14 on your car or bike. Its high-quality materials make the entire case feel great to the touch, with responsive buttons providing a great tactile experience.

Ace Pro with MagSafe

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