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Whether you’re out on a mission or on the trail, you know how important a flashlight—and its batteries—can be. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep some fresh, spare batteries with you, since it seems like your flashlight always runs out of juice when you least expect it or need it the most. While it’s simple enough to toss a spare set in your bag, retrieving them can be a slow and cumbersome ordeal. When you need access to your batteries in times when every second counts, the Thyrm CellVault-18 might be the solution you’re looking for. Designed for field use and tactical applications, this rugged battery storage attachment protects your batteries from harsh environments and grants quick access so you can perform a quick “reload” of your torch, ensuring you’re never caught out in the dark for long again.

The CellVault-18 is designed to keep 1×18650 or 2×18350 batteries both protected from the environment and easily accessible. Measuring in at 7.5“ x 4”, it can accommodate a single 18650 cell or two 18350s. Aside from keeping things versatile by occupying less than one MOLLE/PALS column, this size also helps keep the weight down at only 2 oz. The CellVault-18 protects batteries from the rough and tumble of EDC and field use thanks to its durable, double-layered construction. It also includes a waterproof O-ring seal rated to IPX7, which means that it can withstand water down to 2 meters for around 30 minutes, fending off damage from storms, splashes, and spills. The case also features a clear side-window for at-a-glance visual identification of its contents. Internal foam padding not only provides shock resistance, but it also silences battery rattle when you want to keep a low profile. Finally, it also comes with a metal latch for simple installation or attachment to MOLLE/PALS webbing or similar straps. 

The CellVault-18 is available in 5 different colors, including both tactical and hi-vis options. You can also find other versions of the CellVault which fit different types of batteries, like CR123s, AAs, and more to fulfill your backup needs. Designed and made in the USA, the CellVault-18 will make sure you’re mission-capable no matter what comes your way. Pick one up in the link below. 

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