Thyrm CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage

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Whenever you’re spending extended periods of time away from your home or a charging station, you usually pack extra batteries for your flashlight. But just tossing them loose inside a bag, pocket, or pouch means at minimum, potential damage from moisture, dirt, or impact, and at worst, get damaged to the point of rupture or an explosion. This is where Thyrm’s latest battery storage and protection solution comes in. The CellVault-5M is a modular solution for multiple battery needs, built with the same care and resilience as the rest of the CellVault line.

The Thyrm CellVault-5M lets you mix and match up to five different battery types to carry backups specific to your battery and device needs. You’re able to fit two CR123 modules, each capable of carrying two batteries each, three 18650 modules that can carry one each, one 18350 module that can carry up to three batteries , and four slots built into the case itself to carry up to four CR2032 cells.

No matter which modules you choose for your particular configuration, they all get the same safety of storage. The CellVault-5M features a premium polymer construction that’s impact-resistant, crush-resistant, and sealed against water and mud thanks to a waterproof gasket seal. The way the case opens and closes is through the use of a lockable over-center latch that also prevents accidental deployments.

Adding even more utility to your carry, the CellVault-5M was designed to be compatible with MOLLE webbing as well, allowing you to attach it to your favorite backpacks, pouches or even chest rigs, keeping it close at hand for when action calls. Pick one up in Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab or Rescue Orange at the link below.

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