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Fountain pens can give you a sense of refinement, elegance, and a unique writing experience you can’t get with regular pens. But carrying a fountain pen in your EDC shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice pocket space or that you should expose yourself to ink-related accidents. The Kaweco AL Sport aims to fulfill these needs in style. Thanks to its unique design as a compact fountain pen, it measures only 4.1″ when closed, providing the portability you need. Once opened, you can post its cap on the back of the pen so you have a comfortable writing experience while leveraging its octagonal shape, allowing you to do even delicate writing work especially with its fine nib.

Like its name implies, the Kaweco AL Sport is made out of aluminum to keep things corrosion resistant and lightweight at 0.74 oz. A removable pocket clip is also included so you can safely carry it inside any shirt or pants pocket. It utilizes the standard international short ink cartridge, although a blue ink cartridge is also included in this Made in Germany pen. Step up your pen game and pick one up at the link below.

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