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Sometimes it’s the little things that can catch your attention, like the ultra-compact LAMY pico pen that trended the charts this week. Lamy has made a name for themselves in the stationery world for their stunning designs that are as performant as they are beautiful. 

The pico ballpoint pen makes for a solid EDC option from the brand thanks to its compact size when closed, durable all-metal body, and no-fuss ballpoint ink refill. When closed, the pico’s rounded body easily slides into a pocket at just 3.5″ long. A quick press of the tailcap extends the pen to about 4.7″, giving you a more balanced and comfortable feel in hand when you write with it. 

Finally, the minimal branded emblem on the body of the pen also serves as an anti-roll mechanism when you’re keeping it out on your desk. For a relatively more affordable way to experience this German brand’s unique design language, check out the pico at the link below.

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