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Designed by Tim Leatherman himself and released all the way back in 1983, this is the tool that started it all for the brand. The PST (Pocket Survival Tool) got a lot right the first time. You have access to 12 useful tools designed to handle almost any everyday task you might encounter. The main attraction, of course, is the center pair of pliers, designed as a hybrid between needlenose and regular pliers for versatility and complemented by wire cutters down below.

On the sides of the handles you’ll find the rest of the tools like a clip-point knife, a file, an 8” ruler, a can/bottle opener, an awl punch, 3 different sizes of flathead screwdrivers, as well as 2 sizes of Phillips head drivers. And once you’re done using it, the PST folds into a compact 4“ package, weighing in at 5 oz. As an extra, the box also comes with a leather holster, perfect for securely carrying and storing your PST for EDC. Pick one up at the iconic original at the link below.

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