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With just a few weeks left before the holidays, everyone’s in high gear to finish off their shopping lists. Thankfully for the EDCers on your list, there’s more gear to choose from than just mugs and socks. While they’re best known for their rugged minimalist wallets, Ridge have built other useful EDC gear, too. In this quick gift guide, we’re highlighting 5 of our favorites from their everyday collection, from a wallet essentials kit to their latest key organizer. No matter which you choose, all are awesome gifts that can be put to good use to round out your personal or your loved ones’ everyday carry.

Essential Kit

If the person on your list hasn’t had the chance to try the benefits of a minimalist wallet yet, or desperately needs some help with pocket clutter, the Ridge Essential Kit is a great place to start. At the core of the kit is their flagship minimalist wallet, itself able to hold up to 12 cards via a unique combination of outer plates and an elastic band that acts as a cash strap. Thanks to its aluminum construction, the wallet remains RFID protected and light on its feet at only 2 ounces. If they need to carry a bit more than just cards, the kit also comes with a swappable money clip to replace the strap, so they can pick the one that suits their style the most.

A cavity tray accessory is also included to help carry spare coins and keys. The Essential Kit also comes with a lifetime warranty along with Ridge Care protection for lost and stolen wallets, so they can rest assured it’s a wallet to last. And to top it all off, as an early Black Friday deal you can get the Essential Kit at 40% off, dropping its usual price of $160 to just $95, making it even easier to give the gift of minimalist organization.

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Our Favorite Ridge Wallets

While the formula for the wallet hasn’t changed, Ridge keeps things fresh with their presentation, offering over a dozen variations of texture, color, and materials, each with their own unique build and feel. Leading the pack is the Forged Ember model, whose plates are made out of a combination of carbon fiber and resin, reminiscent of the embers left after a fire. There’s the Carbon Fiber 3K, which is ideal for people who want a more low-profile aesthetic while still retaining all the strength and weight saving of carbon fiber. Last but not least is the Gunmetal Aluminum model, a callback to their original Ridge with a black aluminum body but in a more sublime colorway that would be a great match for a metal-themed EDC.

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Bolt Action Pen

No matter their profession, adding a pen to their EDC is a great way to step up their utility game. With a top-of-the line construction, rugged materials and a fun deployment mechanism, the Ridge Bolt Action Pen is well worth the spot in any EDC. There are two material options to choose from: 6061 aluminum for a lighter carry and titanium for a premium feel, each with a CNC-machined knurled grip for exact purchase while writing.

Regardless of the material you choose, the Ridge Bolt Action Pen was designed with balance in mind, keeping all the components’ weight evenly distributed across the body for a more than comfortable writing experience. Its L-shaped bolt action deployment also reduces the chances of accidental activation of the pressurized refill in your pockets, while also serving for a fun fidgeting experience for folks with busy hands.

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Ridge’s KeyCase key organizer is a cheat code for cleaning up their jangly, messy keychain, designed in the same way Ridge made their wallets to be “minimalist without being limiting.” Sporting a patent-pending tension plate system, the KeyCase consists of a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum machined in a U-shape that gives it the tension to expand or shrink depending on how many keys you need to carry. An adjustable bolt secures 2-5 keys within the KeyCase chassis, while a cutout for your thumb lets you pivot the keys out to use them. The KeyCase is available in two different designs: gunmetal or carbon fiber, with options for a black keyring or a pocket clip to suit your giftee’s carry preferences.

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Ridge Bags & Accessories

If the person on your list has their wallet situation sorted, you can still help them upgrade their EDC with Ridge’s other gear offerings, all built with the same attention to detail and thoughtful construction as their wallets. Take for example their iPhone cases, designed for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. They feature an all-leather construction that’ll protect their phone in style, all while adding extra storage for cards. It’s also available in a rigid option made out of Kevlar if they value a more rugged feel and would rather keep their cards in a separate wallet.

Another great gift option is Ridge’s multi-functional titanium bottle opener: a card-sized solution for common problems you might encounter on your day to day. It might not look like it, but this one-piece multitool features 7 different functions, including four different sizes of hex wrenches, a 1/4“ Hex Bit Holder, a metric ruler and a bottle opener, of course. Best of all, it’ll fit right inside their preferred wallet, whether it’s from Ridge or not, thanks to its ultra compact card-shaped design.

If they could use a new bag to haul all their favorite gear, whether it’s out onto the trail or into the office, Ridge has them covered with a versatile range of bags. The Ridge Commuter Bag is packed with features in a discreet design that’s slick enough for the city, but tough enough for outdoor use, making it perfect for those weekend warriors on your list. For a more minimalist option, the Classic Backpack brings daily functionality to a familiar silhouette that’ll look right at home at school or around town. The jetsetters on your list would appreciate Ridge’s Weekender carry-all to keep their travel essentials protected and accounted for in a convenient, grab-and-go design. All of Ridge’s bags are available in weatherproof versions for peace of mind rain or shine, or a lightweight ripstop material for those who prefer traveling light.

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For a limited time, you can save 15% off sitewide with code FRIDAY15. Check out some of the fan favorite products to make sure you’re giving the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. 

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