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If you often find yourself in outdoor activities like jogging, walking your dogs or even hiking at night, then a safety signaling headlamp like the Nitecore NU05 can be useful. It comes with two white LED’s and two red LED’s, giving you access to 5 modes designed for signaling and illumination. These include a Red slow blink, a Red rapid blink, a White slow blink and a White steady light. You can use the first three modes for signaling, and since the last mode (White steady) features a 35-lumen output, it can light your way in a pinch. A Red indicator mode also exists for utility purposes, like letting you know when the lamp is on or how much battery you have left. You can access all these modes by cycling through a single-button interface. The runtime on the NU05 will vary depending on the mode you’re using, going from 2h 15min with the white LEDs, to 9h with the red, all the way to 20h with the red indicator. And when you’re out of juice, you can recharge it via micro USB. The NU05 is super compact, measuring only 1.16″ x 1.19″ and weighting in at 0.37 ounces. You can clip it to your backpack, waistband, wristband, bicycle, your pet’s collar or even its own headband if you get the kit version. Pick one up in the link below.

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