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Today’s trending Ridge Wallet Titanium has a build tough enough for EDC while offering some extra security for your cards, all in a body as thin as a few credit cards. Like all great cardholder wallets the Ridge Wallet is super thin measuring in at only 6mm. To get this slim, materials and construction are key. Two pieces of thin titanium—sought after by EDCers for its impressive strength to weight ratio and unique handfeel—are held together by T5 stainless steel screws and elastic bands. This modular plate construction makes it easy to expand should you need to carry more than a few cards (it can hold up to 12 at max capacity). A finger notch along makes it easy to push out the cards inside, giving you easy access to the one you want without forcing you to take them all out of the wallet. Besides being tough enough to run over with a car, the wallet also comes with two aluminum RFID-blocking plates built in to protect your cards against wireless theft. Pick it up at the link below.

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