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RovyVon’s Aurora series of lights have become a staple in the EDC community when it comes to keychain flashlights, and it’s easy to see why. They’re super small, bright for their size, and versatile for both main and backup EDC. Case in point: the Aurora A1x, an upgraded version of the original A1, which comes available with a Nichia 219C emitter. This means that in exchange for a slightly lower output, you get massive gains when it comes to color accuracy. The A1x takes full advantage of a new side-switch for its operation. This single button comes in a smaller size to prevent accidental activation and pulls double duty as a low-voltage indicator.

In addition to other quality of life features like momentary-on, memory mode, and instant High, the A1x comes with 4 different brightness settings, ranging from a 2-lumen Moonlight for up to 32 hours to the aforementioned High, which pushes out 450 lumens for 100 seconds before stepping down to 100 lumens for 75 minutes. Thanks to the use of an improved 330mAh battery, the light is fully rechargeable via micro USB in 90 minutes. And while it’s compact at 2.38“ long and 0.59 ounces, the A1x is rated IPX6 against moisture and dust. As an alternative, if color accuracy isn’t a priority and you want to squeeze out all the power you can, the A1x is available in a XP-G3 LED version with a max of 650 lumens as well. Pick it up in three colors at the link below.

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