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As we continue to live in an increasingly digital and wireless world, we’re starting to see that devices and appliances that were once powered solely through a wall socket or standard 1.5V batteries are now rechargeable through USB sockets. Our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are a given, but that list has grown considerably to include game consoles, cameras, flashlights, wireless earbuds and headsets, and even vacuum cleaners. It’s a list that continues to grow, leading us to find charging solutions that aren’t just capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously but are capable of providing the necessary juice to do it as well.

That’s where UGREEN’s Nexode 140W Charger comes in. As the newest member of the Nexode Charging family, the Nexode 140W Charger can charge as fast as any charger currently on the market while also being able to fast charge three devices at once while retaining compact, portable dimensions.

One of the unique features of UGREEN’s Nexode family of chargers is its use of a GaN (gallium nitride) chip which offers significant advantages over conventional silicon-based counterparts, such as better heat dissipation and improved charging efficiency. They’re also better for the environment, producing 4kg less carbon per chip than silicon chips. Thanks to this technology, UGREEN’s Nexode chargers can deliver more than 92% of the energy from the wall directly to your device, resulting in less electricity wasted as heat. Cooler charging means less strain on your device’s batteries, leading to less wear and tear. Adding another layer of protection to your device’s battery is UGREEN’s Power Dispenser system which intelligently adjusts the charger’s power output. Its Thermal Guard system takes 800 temperature readings every second to protect your charger from overheating.

The Nexode 140W features three USB ports and 140W total charging power. Its PD3.1 fast charging protocol allows it to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro from 0 to 56% in 30 mins. And because of the added flexibility offered by its two Type-C and single Type-A ports, it can also fast charge two laptops and a phone simultaneously or quickly charge a phone and tablet while working on a laptop to increase productivity.  

Its compact dimensions, folding prong, and smooth edges are especially appreciated when working remotely or going on a business trip, where bag space is a priority. The Nexode 140W does the job of three separate chargers while still being 22% smaller than the Apple 140W MacBook Pro charger.

With its widely supported range of fast charging protocols, the Nexode 140W can fast charge USB devices from various manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, and Xiaomi.  If you like keeping your charging solutions simple, compact, and efficient like we do, add one to your tech EDC at the link below.

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