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RovyVon’s Aurora series has long been a champion of the keychain flashlight game, and the A8 comes with all the best features of the brand and its peers. Like its Aurora peers, the A8 comes in a similar combination of a durable polycarbonate body paired with a stainless steel bezel. The body is transparent to allow visibility of its key feature: side auxiliary LEDs in combinations of 365nm UV/red/white, white/UV/white, and amber/red/blue, depending on the additional utility you need in your day to day.

Its main emitter, however, is your choice of either an SST-20 6500K LED with a max output of 650 lumens or a fan favorite Nichia 219C 5000K that can do 420 lumens at 90+ CRI. Whichever you choose, this new 4th generation A8 comes with a new metal side switch to navigate its modes, USB-C charging, and a new magnetic clip and tail. Add one of the best in the business to your keychain at the link below.

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