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When talking about a balisong, one immediately thinks of the popular butterfly knife that traces its roots as well as its modern incarnation to the town of Balisong, Batangas in the Philippines. But while its popular incarnation is best known as a blade designed for self-defense, other aspects of its features can be used for harmless fun, too. The whole action and motion of “flipping” a balisong is a skillful and fidget-friendly practice, and allows the flipper to show off flair and dexterity, similar to doing pen or lighter tricks. Of course, flipping an actual knife, as many people have learned, isn’t the safest activity, which is why “trainers” like Spyderco’s BaliYo allowed flipping to be more fun than a timer until the next accident. While first and foremost the BaliYo is a pen (and hence our feature for Writing Wednesday), its three-pronged construction with weighted handles allows you to simulate flipping to give you all the experience and practice without the worry of a sharp edge. With a nice nod to an EDC favorite, the BaliYo even takes the Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge as its refill, as well as a steel spring clip for ease of carry. Get to writing and practice your flipping with the Spyderco BaliYo, available at the link below.

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