UNIMATIC U1-F Dive Watch

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If you’re looking for a bombproof,yet stylish watch for everyday carry, a dive watch is a solid choice, and you don’t have to take a swim to see the advantages of adding one to your EDC. Take the UNIMATIC U1-F for example: it’s rated waterproof down to 1,000 feet, but seeing as few of us actually go down that far with it, the fact that it’ll stand up to a serious downpour of rain above ground is more than good enough. But what sets the U1-F apart from other dive watches is its limited design and premium materials. This is a one out of six hundred ever made watch that’s built to keep on ticking, far removed from cheaper mass-produced timepieces billed as dive watches these days.

The UNIMATIC U1-F is built around the super-reliable Seiko NH35A automatic mechanical movement that’s made in Japan. Unlike cheaper mechanical movements, the NH35A at the heart of the U1-F features Seiko’s proprietary Diashock system, which spring-loads the jewel bearings that support the balance wheel and helps prevent things from going wrong when the watch gets jarred during use. The watch is powered by your daily movements, but it can also be handwound if desired, and the watch itself should run for around 40 hours, letting you switch it out for another timepiece for a day without having to reset its time.

UNIMATIC takes that outstanding movement and builds a premium handcrafted experience around it. For example, the highly-legible watch face also features Super-LumiNova C1 luminous paint for easy low-light reading of the time. The watch crystal is double-domed, and made out of scratch-proof sapphire glass that’s been treated with an anti-reflective coating so you can use the watch in bright direct sunlight too. The 40mm case features a luxurious 120-click one-directional dive timer bezel for all of your timing needs, at depth or otherwise. And with its 22 mm heavy-duty NATO strap, you can feel secure in the watch remaining on your wrist until you take it off, or until you swap it out for the strap of your choice if you desire.

With only 600 of these watches made in Italy by UNIMATIC, you’re not going to be able to pick up one of these premium stylish yet immensely practical timepieces once they’re gone. Secure one for yourself today at the link below.

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