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A good bag should be able to fit everything you need, but just because everything fits doesn’t mean your gear is going to be easy to get to. Some manufacturers make it a point to ensure a bag has plenty of options for organization, but sometimes that isn’t enough and you still end up digging through your gear to find the pen that fell to the bottom. For anyone looking to take organization into their own hands, there are the Vanquest Sticky Cubes. Most people probably only use packing cubes when traveling which is unfortunate. With minimal effort, a few pouches can transform any messy EDC bag into one perfectly customized to you.

The Vanquest Sticky Cubes come in a high-vis orange color that makes it easy to see your gear in a large bag or suitcase. They come in large, medium, and small sizes so you tweak your loadout to be as streamlined as you want. They also have the same quality build and attention to materials that you’d expect from a company like Vanquest. These cubes have YKK zippers and a weatherproof 210-D ripstop nylon construction, not to mention a see-through mesh window so you can see what’s inside.

Tough build aside, what makes these cubes great for EDC is how practical they can be. While it’s true that you can use these to pack anything from t-shirts to socks on your next trip, you can also repurpose them for use during your daily life, especially since each cube can expand or compress as needed. Whether you want to make a tech accessory pouch filled with charging cases and spare batteries or a first-aid kit for emergencies, these can handle the wear and tear with no problem. Hook panels on the back allow for easy attachment to your bag of choice and grab handles on each makes retrieving your desired kit in a pinch a breeze. You can take it one step further and add Morale patches to help you identify your gear and add a little personality too.

The Vanquest Sticky Cubes are tempting even if you only use them for travel, but they also offer you a unique way to prepare your EDC for anything you might encounter. If you’re looking to take the next step in organization make sure to click on the link below and pick some up for yourself.

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