Victorinox Special Picknicker Damast LE 2022

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From its humble beginnings as a simple multi-tool over 130 years ago, the Swiss Army knife, its familiar red color, and the Victorinox “cross” logo have grown to become a venerable icon, finding its way into the pockets and bags of millions around the world. This particular SAK, however, is anything but ordinary.

One look at its finely-crafted pearwood handle and unique “Baldur” Damasteel pattern on the large blade tells you that this isn’t your everyday SAK. Victorinox has been creating these special, limited-edition Swiss Army knives for the past thirteen years, and 2022 sees the introduction of the Victorinox Special Picknicker Damast Limited Edition 2022.

Globally limited to just 6,000 pieces, Victorinox packed the Special Picknicker with everything you could need, whether you’re enjoying a simple picnic at the park or roughing it out in the woods. Tucked into the pearwood handle are a cheese knife, a corkscrew, a bottle and can opener, two screwdrivers, a wire stripper, and a reamer/punch, but the real star of the show is the large blade that features a traditional Damast “Baldur” pattern.

Baldur/Baldr/Balder is a god of light, joy, and purity and is known for his beauty in Norse mythology. Like its namesake, the Baldur pattern presented on the Damasteel blade portrays a unique play on light, where the intricate details of the design shine through. The blade comprises 115 layers of this super-resilient stainless steel and features a hardness grade of 60 HRC. Each piece shows the year and limited edition number engraved on the back of the knife.

The Special Picknicker Damast Limited Edition 2022 is a great tool to own whether you’re adding it to a collection or putting it to use and stands as a testament to Victorinox’s commitment to innovation and standout craftsmanship. Since it’s on a limited run, grab one for yourself at the link below before stocks run out.

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