What's in Your Carry On?

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We’ve seen countless submissions of people nailing their gear down to a science for daily use. But when it comes to travel, chances are, you’ll change what, why, and how you carry. Flying out? Leave the blades in your drawer. Short trip? Pack light. Business or vacation? These factors can change what you carry.

As an EDCer, though, one thing doesn’t change: your discerning approach to choosing the best gear to bring with you.

So we want to know: how do you pack? What’s worthy of your travel kit? What tips would you share with like-minded EDCers before their next trip?

This week, we encourage you to submit your travel gear setups. Whether it be your carry-on luggages, duffels, or dopp kits, we want to see how you prepare for takeoff.

We know what you carry when you travel isn’t strictly everyday carry for most of you. So don’t worry — we won’t flood your feed with luggage loadouts. Instead, your travel submissions will be featured on a new travel-focused project we’re working on as a subdivision of Everyday Carry. And just like you’ve done with this site, you can help us build it into something great.

We look forward to seeing how you pack!

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Header photo submitted by Wes as his carry-on for international press events

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