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The best EDC pen is the one that you always have on you, but it’s also an easy essential to leave behind. You could forget that you left it in a bag, or an ineffective clip can cause cause it to fall out of your pockets. That’s why integrating a reliable, compact pen into your EDC is a good strategy to adopt, especially one tough enough to take on daily writing tasks while still being convenient to carry. The ultra-portable TIPEN 2.0 from Ysmart is an extremely compact pen made out of premium titanium that’s designed to be so small that it can attach to your keys or even act as a zipper pull when it’s not in use. It’s a simple and effective addition to your kit to ensure you’re never far away from capturing your notes and ideas.

The TIPEN 2.0 measures 2.36 inches long and weighs 6 grams, a size and weight that belies its durability and performance. The use of premium grade 5 titanium in its construction offers exceptional toughness for its weight, and its grippy engraved body is designed to be both fireproof and crushproof. A silicon carbide ballpoint tip also gives the pen a unique strength, and lets you use the tip to cut open packages, pry off lids, or even for glass breaking in an emergency.

To use the pen itself, you unscrew the cap and get to work, and with its customized refill you get smooth writing performance every time. The size is perfect for short notetaking and signing documents when you’re on the go. It’s also great for when you find yourself in a situation where there’s only one shared pen at a store and it can’t write well at all. And because you can attach the pen to your keys via the rear lanyard/keyring hole, you can make sure to always have this pen on you in case you forget to carry along your other writing implements.

With the TIPEN 2.0 in your EDC inventory, you’ll always have a compact pen at hand when you need it. Its mix of durable construction, strong pointed writing tip, and extreme small size makes it a great backup tool to have, without all the bulk that a full size pen adds to the everyday carry equation. If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, make sure to make a pledge to Ysmart London’s fully funded Kickstarter campaign, where you can choose from a number of levels that get you one or more TIPEN 2.0s and refills based on your backer level. Ysmart London has a long history of bringing the community compact EDC solutions that punch above their weight class, and the new TIPEN 2.0 promises to do that and more. Secure one for yourself today at the link below.

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