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Making fire is one of the most critical and common human necessities, which makes adding a lighter to your EDC a sensible choice. If you’re looking to get a classic Zippo windproof lighter to add to your daily carry, why not get one that helps protect and restore forests around the world?  With the Fight Fire with Fire Collection–developed in partnership with technology-driven wood products manufacturer Woodchuck USA–this iconic fire source gets clad in a one-of-a-kind, sustainably-sourced wooden exterior, and provides an opportunity to contribute directly to global reforestation efforts.

The two newest additions to the Fight Fire with Fire Collection represent the latest evolution of design innovation and creativity from Zippo. For the first time in its nearly 90-year history, the American brand has fully wrapped a decorated wood emblem around a classic Street Chrome lighter. One design highlights the American flag, while the other features a motif using the brand’s iconic flame logo. Both use sustainably-sourced cherry wood emblems, which means no two lighters will look alike, thanks to the unique grain and variation in the wood.

Proceeds from the two newest lighters in this collection directly benefit reforestation efforts in Hat Creek, an area in California’s Lassen National Park known for its scenic views and great trout fishing. Unfortunately, wildfires in recent years have threatened the ecosystem and its wildlife along the roughly 49-mile-long stretch. Picking up either version of the wrapped wood emblem lighter contributes directly to the restoration of this landmark locale.

The 14 other designs in this collection further support the program’s pledge to plant a tree for every lighter sold. The story of Zippo’s reforestation efforts began in 2019 in Madagascar. Africa’s largest island has had 90% of its forests destroyed within the past 50 years. Reforestation efforts such as the one supported by this program help provide jobs for locals, restore habitats for endangered species, and revive the farming and fishing areas in the region. With every purchase of a Fight Fire with Fire lighter, you receive a unique code allowing you to track where your tree has been planted via Zippo’s website. To date, the program has planted more than 40,000 trees all over the world.

Zippo’s Fight Fire with Fire Collection combines the utility of carrying this classic accessory with the worthy cause of restoring forests and habitats all over the world. As a bonus, the unique wooden designs provide a distinct aesthetic that blends in with both traditional and modern EDC kits. Grab yourself a lighter from the Fight Fire with Fire Collection and contribute to the cause via the link below.

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