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Gobi Gear SegSac

Sometimes, simple is better. And when all you need is a clever means of organizing your outdoors EDC, extra bells and whistles in your gear can just add unnecessary weight. The Gobi Gear SegSac is a no-frills, lightweight bag for keeping the stuff in your camping bag in its proper place. Constructed from an ultralight 30D fabric, the barrel-shaped stuff sack is separated by four internal compartments. It cinches up securely thanks to a nylon drawstring, cord lock, and reinforced seams. Optional compression straps pack down the sack to save room in your main bag while keeping everything organized. You can grab a SegSac to simplify your outdoors carry before your next adventure at their Kickstarter campaign. If you actually do need a few more bells and whistles in your stuff sack, check out their more feature-packed HoboRoll too.

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Sinn T1B

I recently had a chance to check out the line of Sinn Watches at a WatchBuys Road Show, and the first watch that caught my eye was the new T1B in titanium. Sitting next to it was the T2B, a smaller version of the watch, also in titanium. Depending on your size preference, the Sinn T1B and T2B are really attractive with the new blue dial, are very light, and have a hidden feature to make that bezel especially secure…

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Kisetsu Aki Wallet

Take a look at most of the new wallets popping up, and you’ll find they tend to take features away from their designs in the pursuit of minimalism. The Aki by Kisetsu bucks the trend by adding almost every feature you could want in a wallet. The result is a slim, minimalist bifold that accommodates everything you’d need at the register and more. It’s got three different forms of quick-access to cards — an external thumb slot, an internal slot, and a pull tab for cards you don’t use as much. You’ll only need to fold your bills once, thanks to its elastic strap “moneyclip.” And if you carry coins, there’s a slot for those too. It seals shut with a quick swipe of your thumb. Kisetsu went the extra mile with some travel-friendly features as well, like RFID shielding, a travel pen, and a hidden SIM card slot. You can pick one up in your color and leather of choice at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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Swivel Keywallet

Since discovering key organizers we haven’t so much as looked at our old keyrings. But these systems naturally complicate changing the keys contained within, usually done with a tool or screwdriver. The Swivel Keywallet is to the key organizer what the Freekey was to the keyring. Swivel swings open with a gentle swipe of your finger across the top side, granting total access to the keys within while resisting accidental opening thanks to the use of neodymium magnets and a stainless steel locking pin.

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I’m stoked to see how much this site and its community of fellow EDCers has grown since we’ve started. There’s so much left to do to bring you the best new gear and the resources to Carry Smarter. It’s time our creative team grew as well — and we want your help.

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Tactile Turn Gist

If you want the absolutely smoothest pen to write with, chances are you’d have to reach for a fountain pen. The problem with those, though, is that they’re usually too delicate to keep in your pocket. The new Tactile Turn Gist was designed with EDC in mind to be a smooth fountain pen that you can carry with confidence. It’s available in either a lightweight polycarbonate or an even more durable solid metal body, complete with metal accents and grip. When in use, the threaded cap securely posts on the end of the body for balance, comfort and convenience. The pen’s most unique feature is the Tactile Turn signature ridged pattern. It spans the entire pen, giving you superb grip and control. An included ink converter, sturdy pocket clip, and many other features make it a truly pocket-friendly fountain pen. Ditch your scratchy pen for something smoother. Get the Gist in your favorite body/nib configuration at the Kickstarter below.

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