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8 EDC Pouches to Organize Your Gear

So you've got your bases covered, your EDC dialed in, and all the gear you could need. Now how do you carry it all? If you want an all-in-one solution, maybe it's time to think outside the pocket. Consider the pocket organizer. These EDC-friendly pouches offer thoughtful layouts with all the straps, pockets, and webbing you'd need to keep your gear all in one place. Loading one up with your daily essentials makes EDC a simple grab-and-go situation. Whether you're using it for your main tools, your tech and cables, or a first aid kit, we've got a handful of new organizer recommendations for you to check out in this round-up.

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Nodus Compact Card Wallet

Too often minimalist wallet designs focus only on reducing the amount of cards you carry. While reducing bulk is a good thing, it shouldn't come at the expense of convenience. With most minimalist wallets, it can be a hassle having to pull cards out every time you need to use them, for example. And carrying cash in them is a serious chore, if it's even an option. That's why Nodus aims to change all that with their new Compact Card Wallet. Its thoughtful design makes things easy whether you're using cards or cash.

The Compact Card wallet is easy to use because it keeps 2-4 of your most essential cards at hand in its quick-access, external card slot. What makes this slot special is its convenient “intelligent RFID shielding.”  It lets you keep a single card unshielded for making contactless payments or opening doors without having to pull the card out of the wallet. The rest of your cards sit safe from skimmers and fraudsters in the shielded section of the wallet. If you want full protection, you can set up the wallet to cover all your cards as well. Its central pocket is sized to accommodate once-folded bills for those times you need cash on you. There's even a dedicated space for a small house key, further consolidating your carry by keeping your most used key separate from the others.

The convenient practicality of the Compact Card wallet comes with attractive looks too. It's available in three different finishes of premium veg-tan leather, from traditional brown, to rich black, and a colorful teal green. Check out the Nodus Compact Card wallet at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Nodus.

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Centric Instruments Lightwell Watch

If there's one kind of watch that's perfect for EDC, it'd be the field watch. Its rugged design, rich history, and iconic style makes it such a versatile daily driver. But even in a field watch, movement matters: automatic watches can be high maintenance, and quartz watches can run out of battery when you least expect it. That's why Centric Instruments built their take on the field watch around a solar-charging movement for high performance and low maintenance. And despite its unique solar-charging capabilities and slew of premium features, the Lightwell is modestly priced, making it easier for you to invest in a quality watch that lasts.

Upon first glance, the Lightwell is unmistakably a field watch, but with a few more modern twists. Its 316L brushed stainless steel case measures a versatile 38mm in a classic shape, with a screwdown caseback and crown making the watch water-resistant to 100M. Looking at the dial under the ultra-clear, scratch-resistance sapphire crystal is where you can really see the Lightwell's unique design cues. The outer ring gives a sense of depth to the face, with large luminous markers and easy-to-read Arabic numerals lending to its legibility. Subtle branding and a smaller date window round out the minimalist aesthetic.

Under the dial is what makes the Lightwell truly unique. Its Japanese solar-quartz movement from Seiko powers the watch with exposure to both artificial and natural light. A minute under the sun gives a full day of timekeeping power, while a full charge keeps the movement running for a full 6 months without ever needing to replace a battery.

The Lightwell is available in a black, white, or vintage-inspired “gilt” dial, with easy-to-swap straps in waterproof silicone or veg-tan leather. Pledges start at just $180 for a Lightwell and two straps, making this an impressive value for an EDC watch. See the Lightwell in more detail at the Kickstarter link below before the project ends June 14th.

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