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Streamlight PolyTac X

If there's anyone with experience with putting a reliable light in your pockets, it's Streamlight. Thanks to incredibly popular (and more importantly, inexpensive), high-quality flashlights like the MicroStream, hundreds of EDCers carry their gear. And while their smaller lights get a lot attention, they've got some versatile, bigger lights packing some power, too. The PolyTac X takes their line of handheld lights and packs more power and versatility in a practically bomb-proof build.

The first thing you'll notice with the PolyTac X that sets it apart from its peers is its molded nylon polymer exterior. It's a super-tough material that gives the light up to 3 meters of impact resistance, and comes with a unique stippled texture that locks in your grip. New to the PolyTac X is its ability to take either an 18650 battery or 2 x CR123A lithium batteries to power its C4 LED, giving it up to 600 lumens with 205 meters of throw for up to 3.5 hours, or a 36-hour runtime with its 35-lumen Low mode. Another unique feature is the light's TEN-TAP programming system which lets you select 3 operating modes for the light, changing how it cycles its modes or giving it a single output on High for emergency/tactical use.

While ruggedness and IPX7 resistance are great features, the light doesn't mean much for EDC if it isn't easy to carry. The PolyTac X has you covered with its two-position clip, attached with a washer-style ring that's pretty rare among flashlights. This ensures the clip will never fly off even during extreme use while giving you plenty of options with carrying the light tip up, down, or attached to your hat for hands-free use.

The PolyTac X is unique, versatile, and requires little investment to add to your EDC. Pick one up in 3 colors from Amazon at the link below.

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Dango P01 Pioneer Pack Bundle

As your EDC grows to cover more and more bases, managing how you carry everything can get tricky. There's more to it than simply shoving everything in your pockets and calling it a day. Consolidation is key. That's what makes the Dango P01 Pioneer wallet so compelling: it's a minimalist leather wallet and journal cover, complete with an integrated notebook and pen. With the new Pioneer Pack Bundle, you can toss in a one-piece multi-tool, some emergency paracord, and a spy capsule to round it out as an all-in-one kit. And since it's currently on sale at a discount, now's the best time to consolidate your carry.

The centerpiece of the Pioneer Pack Bundle is the P01 wallet. It's made from durable veg-tan leather for a comfortable, luxe handfeel that breaks in over time to accommodate up to 20 cards. It features an RFID-blocking laminated section to keep your information safe, as well as a silicone band to keep everything together.

The P01 holds more than just cards and cash, though. It's a journal cover with a built-in 48-page notebook and space for Dango's own CNC-machined aluminum EDC pen so you can take notes out and about. The pen takes a pressurized ink refill, meaning it'll reliably write in most conditions, too.

The other bundled items bring tons of extra functionality to the table. For starters, the MT02 multi-tool crams 14 functions into a stainless steel body roughly the size of a credit card. It covers your day-to-day tasks with handy wrenches, drivers, bottle and can openers, and a serrated sharpened edge for cutting cordage and boxes. Next, the paracord lanyard is a convenient way to have access to emergency cordage in survival situations, as well as the wallet itself when retrieving it from your pocket. Lastly, the food-grade aluminum stash capsule keeps your small essentials safe thanks to its waterproof construction and also gives you more to grip onto when handling the wallet.

You can get this nearly complete EDC as a bundle to save $25, available from Dango at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango Products.

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Knog Bandicoot Headlamp

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