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Victorinox EvoGrip 16 Swiss Army Knife

Even if you're new to the world of pocket knives, you'd probably recognize the iconic red handles of a Swiss Army Knife anywhere. As easy as they are to spot, those glossy handles aren't so easy to handle, especially during heavy-duty tasks. That's why the biggest names in Swiss Army knives, Victorinox and Wenger, joined forces to produce the Delemont collection of tools featuring contoured scales. The result? An “evolved” form of the original Swiss Army Knife with more grip than ever.

Ergonomic curves on the Victorinox EvoGrip 16 give your fingers a definitive place to grip onto, adding leverage where you need it and preventing slippage during use. For even more control, especially in wet conditions, the curves are fitted with texturized rubber inlays.

Of all the different Swiss Army Knife configurations to choose from, the EvoGrip 16's toolset is one of the best suited for EDC too. It hits the right balance of having the useful tools you'd need, without the bulk of tools you'd only occasionally use. Most notably, it features a sturdy 3D Philips screwdriver along with 9 other tools that carry out a total of 14 functions — perfect for tackling a variety of everyday tasks.

You can grab one of these Swiss-made tools (with a frim grip, too) for your everyday carry via the link below.

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Whether you're out for adventure on the weekend or simply on your daily commute, a bag that can keep up with you is key. That's the kind of bag HEIMPLANET wanted when they created the MOTION series of backpacks. As the name suggests, these bags are designed with your everyday movements in mind: rugged and waterproof for the weekend, yet sleek and useful enough for the daily rigors of the city.

It's all about the details with the MOTION backpacks. While built for the outdoors with their technical materials—including weatherproof 300D ripstop/420D nylon exteriors and water-resistant, polyurethane-coated zippers—it's their sleek design that also makes them practical for urban carry.

The bags' wedge-shaped silhouette helps with both weight distribution and with keeping all the compartments compact. This includes a stretchable front layer with a Y-shaped reinforcement seam that lets you use the outer pockets as quick-access compartments for a light jacket or water bottle, which sits on top of two zippered compartments. On the inside is either a 20L or 25L main compartment with a laptop/hydration compartment that secures with a one-handed buckle.

The packs' exterior features some neat hardware, like hidden gear loops for dangling extra tools, adjustable hip and sternum straps, and even dangle-free strap ends and laser-cut Hypalon details. Carrying the packs is also comfortable thanks to 3D-molded EVA foam used on the ergonomic shoulder straps and rear area.

Your EDC bag shouldn't hold you back from making the most of your everyday activities. Pledge for the HEIMPLANET MOTION series in either the Arc (20L) or Ellipse (25L) models at the Kickstarter link below.

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The 48Hr Switch

"An elegant and versatile bag which quickly transforms between backpack, briefcase, and messenger. It’s got compartments for gadgets and gear, and an expandable main section that can hold clothing and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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