Wallets keep our cards, IDs, cash, and other paper documents organized and nearby. The wallet itself might not be as important as what’s inside it, but it serves a critical purpose to protect these essential assets from damage and loss.

Right off the bat, there's a number of problems with carrying a big, traditional wallet. Because they're so big, you're probably keeping it in your rear pocket, where it's more likely to fall out. Even if you're lucky enough to avoid that nightmare, by sitting on your wallet, you're risking a needless potential spine injury. It's best to carry your wallet in your front pocket if you can, for your spine and security's sake.

I know some of you just hate the feeling of too much stuff in your pockets (although if you're on this site, maybe your definition of too much stuff is different than others). This is where minimalist wallets come in. By design, they fit better in your pocket and can even be a little restrictive at times, encouraging you to be more considered in what you actually keep in them. Traditional wallets with a ton of card slots make it so easy to overstuff them with cards you'll probably never use while you're out.

Wallets made from leather tend to be thicker, especially if they layer pieces of leather to create individual card slots, as all that material adds up. Leather does stretch a tiny bit, but not much. As a result, your wallet takes up a fixed amount of space in your pocket. If you carry only a few cards, you might end up with “wasted” or unused space in your wallet. If you carry lots, you might (irreversibly) stretch your wallet out or find storing and retrieving tight-fitting cards to be a hassle.

If your top priority is having the slimmest, most compact wallet possible, look into elastic wallets.

Dango Slate Grey D01 Dapper Wallet

You don't always need your gear to be “tactical” if you want it to be tough. Case in point: Dango's D01 wallet skews more towards the “dapper” look without sacrificing durability. And now you can keep a low-profile without resorting to the all-black, tactical look with the Dango D01 in Slate Grey. Originally a limited edition, Slate is here to stay, giving you another option for a rugged, minimalist EDC wallet with an anti-bling appeal.

The Slate D01 starts with its CNC-machined aluminum frame, offering structure and strength without the bulk or weight. Top grain leather comprises the main storage section of the wallet for a slim profile and luxurious feel in hand. Finally, a silicone band serves as a simple and easy way to keep the wallet and any loose bills secure. And despite the compact size, it can accommodate up to 12 cards. Other useful features round out the D01, including a built-in bottle opener, RFID shielding, and a lanyard attachment point for more ways to carry.

You can grab the once-limited Slate Grey D01 at a new low price at the link below.

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Top 10 Slim Front Pocket EDC Wallets

Your wallet is the most important piece of gear in your pockets, but it can also be the most bulky if you're not careful. Paring down the amount of cards and cash you bring around can help, but the kind of wallet you carry matters a lot as well. Switching to a slim front pocket wallet is a great way to reduce size and bulk. Along with the smaller footprint, being able to EDC your wallet in your front pocket helps avoid discomfort while making it easier to secure when you're on the go. In this guide, we're rounding up some of the most interesting slim front pocket EDC wallets for you to consider. We'll go over what makes them unique and also why they deserve a place in your everyday carry.

Nodus Lofold Wallet

You'd think finding a solid EDC wallet would be fairly straight forward, but it often turns out to be far from the truth. A good wallet doesn't just hold your cards — it should organize them, protect them, and make them convenient to use and access. Nodus checks all those boxes with their line-up of EDC wallets while also adding handy features like cash-, coin-, and key pockets. Their newest bifold, the Lofold, brings all of that functionality to a more compact footprint, making it the perfect fit for shorter currencies like US or Canadian dollars. All this, plus a gorgeous veg-tan leather build makes the Lofold a strong contender for your next wallet.

The Nodus Lofold might just be your all-in-one solution for carrying the essential cards, IDs, and cash you need on a daily basis. It has enough space to carry 11 cards with plenty of organization depending on how and when you need to use your cards. Frequently used cards like your ID, debit, and credit card get their own space thanks to three easy access card slots. For the rest of your cards you need with you, there's a stash pocket on the inside of the billfold section to keep them all in one spot.

The Lofold keeps those cards secure from fraudsters with its built-in RFID shielding. But its innovative design also lets you leave a single card unshielded so you can use it for contactless payments or building entry when needed. Carrying cash is super simple too, as the billfold section is designed to accommodate cash without needing to fold it beforehand. There's even a dedicated slot for your house key, helping you further consolidate your carry.  

But beyond the practicality, you'll also appreciate the premium feel of the supple, vegetable-tanned Italian leather on the Lofold wallet. It's available in three different colors, from chestnut brown, ebony black, and dark teal, so you can pick the shade that fits your personal style The Nodus Lofold's compelling mix of EDC-friendly features and smart looks set it apart as superior compared to other bifold wallets. Find out more about the Nodus Lofold wallet at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Dango Father's Day Wallet and Belt Bundles

Father's Day is around the corner on the 17th, but there's still time to get dad some great gear. And while he may be set with his EDC, there's still a few essentials you can get him that will add to both his security and utility. For this Father's Day Dango put together some gear bundles that you and your dad can share to upgrade your essentials, or give him a choice of backup in case of EDC emergency. Whichever the case, it's the perfect time to grab some great deals on Dango's latest and most popular products.

Dango's first featured bundle is a pair of D01 Dapper wallets and paracord tethers. The wallet is fully structured with a low-profile design and less tactical flair, making it TSA-friendly for urban carry. Dango combined their usual premium leather with durable aerospace aluminum resulting in a comfortable wallet that doesn't take up too much pocket space. It accommodates up to 12 cards total and keeps them safe from skimming thanks to RFID protection. The tethers are made from 10 feet of 550 paracord woven into a 6” cobra weave and tipped with an HK clip on one end to ensure your wallet is securely fastened to your pocket or bag.

The second bundle also includes a pair of tethers, but this time matched to Dango's T01 Tactical wallets. The T01's tough aluminum frame wrapped in premium leather makes for a tool that will keep your bases (and your money) covered in any occasion. It can hold up to 12 cards and has a tough elastic band for a few folded bills as well. But if you want to take advantage of all that this wallet has to offer, the included MT02 multi-tool adds 14 extra tools to your carry. Even with the MT02 inside, the wallet still only weighs 3.4 ounces and maintains a slim 0.38 inch profile.

Finally, Dango's third featured bundle includes their new Dango Belt in both Jet Black and Whiskey Brown colorways, perfect for matching dad's every outfit. The Dango Belt comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3" inner diameter and 1.9" internal height, it's a discreet part of the belt's design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

Whether you're stepping up your wallet and belt game for yourself and your dad or giving him some fresh new essentials for his EDC, Dango's got Father's Day covered with their discounted bundles. But that's not all—head on over to their site to check out their other deals so you can save even more on the perfect gift.

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Giveaway: Win 5.11 Lightweight Summer Essentials!

Update: Congrats to Joseph M., winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more giveaways here on Everyday Carry for more chances to win.

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a sleek set of summer essentials brought to you by our sponsor, 5.11 Tactical. They're a brand that needs no introduction to EDCers with their decades-long commitment to useful and reliable gear, and it's your chance to win some lightweight picks for when the temperatures rise.

Dango T02 Titanium Tactical Wallet

While most gear is made from strong stainless steel or lightweight aluminum, one prized material combines the best of both worlds: titanium. But the toughness that makes titanium perfect for EDC is also what makes it so hard to work with to make a finished product. That's why titanium is usually reserved for only the best everyday carry gear. By swapping a titanium chassis into the mix, the new Dango T02 titanium tactical wallet takes its durability and light weight to the next level while keeping everything that made the original great. And this time around, it offers even more capacity in an all-new bifold design so you won't have to compromise capacity for a slim profile.

Like the rest of Dango's popular EDC-friendly wallet designs, the T02 mixes minimalist aesthetics with practical qualities like EDC multi-functionality, a high capacity, and slim design. Two things set this particular model apart. The first is the beautiful one-piece solid titanium chassis that's more durable and corrosion-resistant compared to previous models while still being incredibly lightweight. The high-quality chassis is precision CNC-machined in the United States, and built tough enough to handle all the bumps and scrapes of daily use. And because it's made out of corrosion-resistant titanium, it can stand up to the elements even outdoors in poor weather.

And like other wallets in the Dango lineup, the T02 is compatible with the included 14-function stainless steel MT02 multi-tool. The MT02 insert covers essential EDC functions like opening boxes and bottles, helping you further reduce the bulk in your EDC.

The addition of titanium to the Dango wallet line-up is a welcome, logical progression towards everyday durability and light weight. If you're in the market for a new EDC wallet that strikes a balance of premium feel with practical features, make sure to give the T02 Tactical Wallet a look at the link below.

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Giveaway: Win a Dango D007 Limited Edition Wallet!

Update: Congratulations to Timothy S., winner of this week's giveaway! Stay tuned for more gear to win here on Everyday Carry.

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a limited edition wallet brought to you by our sponsor, Dango Products. The San Francisco-based company is a masterful manufacturer of multi-function minimalist wallets, and it's your chance to win one of their most stylish models. It's a wallet that would fit right in the pockets of a suave super spy, while still functional and rugged enough to EDC.

Deal Alert: Dango Memorial Day Sale (20% Off)

Dango has made a name for themselves by making the most of your pockets, with minimalist and multi-function wallets and organizers for every kind of EDC. There's the sleek D01 and tactical T01 if you're considering upgrading to a compact but tough wallet. You can consolidate your essentials with the P01, or even slip a slim multi-tool into your existing wallet to add more functionality to your pockets. Whatever your choice, it's the perfect time to upgrade your pockets with Dango's Memorial Day sale, giving you 20% off across their entire site for the rest of the week. Enter "MD20" at checkout.

For some gear inspiration, check out how our readers carry their Dango products.

Shop the sale at Dango's site at the link below and be sure to enter "MD20" at checkout to save 20%.

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Nodus Compact Card Wallet

Too often minimalist wallet designs focus only on reducing the amount of cards you carry. While reducing bulk is a good thing, it shouldn't come at the expense of convenience. With most minimalist wallets, it can be a hassle having to pull cards out every time you need to use them, for example. And carrying cash in them is a serious chore, if it's even an option. That's why Nodus aims to change all that with their new Compact Card Wallet. Its thoughtful design makes things easy whether you're using cards or cash.

The Compact Card wallet is easy to use because it keeps 2-4 of your most essential cards at hand in its quick-access, external card slot. What makes this slot special is its convenient “intelligent RFID shielding.”  It lets you keep a single card unshielded for making contactless payments or opening doors without having to pull the card out of the wallet. The rest of your cards sit safe from skimmers and fraudsters in the shielded section of the wallet. If you want full protection, you can set up the wallet to cover all your cards as well. Its central pocket is sized to accommodate once-folded bills for those times you need cash on you. There's even a dedicated space for a small house key, further consolidating your carry by keeping your most used key separate from the others.

The convenient practicality of the Compact Card wallet comes with attractive looks too. It's available in three different finishes of premium veg-tan leather, from traditional brown, to rich black, and a colorful teal green. Check out the Nodus Compact Card wallet at the link below.

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Dango D007 Limited Edition

When the occasion calls for you to suit up, that shouldn't mean you can't gear up too. Looking sharp and staying prepared can be tricky for any gent (or secret spy) — unless you've got the right gear. And when it comes to stylish, functional wallets, Dango's multi-tool equipped cardholders have always filled that niche. But their latest release, fittingly named the D007, takes it to the next level with a compelling mix of luxe styling and spy gadget utility that can go incognito just as easily as it can make a statement in your EDC.

It starts with the precision crafted champagne gold anodized 6061 aluminum chassis. It's sleek and lightweight while providing a structured body missing from most minimalist wallets. That structure lets you fit 12 of your most essential cards without the bulk. The gold frame is contrasted nicely with the jet black premium top grain leather cover. The contrast is taken even further with the high gloss nickel back plate. The mixture of high gloss and premium leather gives a feel akin to what you get when you step into a luxury car.

And because it comes with Dango's custom removable stainless steel multi-tool insert, this is a minimalist wallet with functionality that would make even James Bond jealous. It fits 14 different practical functions from a bottle opener to a hex wrench all in one slim footprint.

The Dango D007 wallet hits that sweet spot of luxury aesthetics, made-in-USA build quality, and practical function. With all its premium materials and features, the D007 comes as a limited release — only 2000 will be made, so be sure to secure your own at the link below.

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Dango Vegetable Tanned Leather Wallets

If there's one sure sign of quality in your EDC wallet, it'd have to be the leather. In that aspect, it's hard to beat vegetable-tanned leather. It's made through a natural process resulting in a superior product with a luxe feel that only gets better with age. So if you want that broken-in leather feel, you should EDC a wallet that's built to last with all the everyday features you'd want. The C01 and P01 wallets from Dango are prime examples of this, built in the USA from vegetable-tan leather in modern, feature-packed designs.

With the C01, you get a minimalist wallet that can carry up to 10 cards and some folded cash. It also features a 6061 aluminum tab that helps you attach it to your belt or to your other gear so that it doesn't get lost. It's even compatible with Dango's special multi-tool frame, if you need more functionality. Plus, the vegetable-tanned leather covering the exterior balances out the wallet well. The result is a modern minimalist wallet with a traditional aesthetic appeal.

For those who need more space and functionality, the P01 bifold may work better. The P01 has enough space for 20 cards and some folded cash. But its compatibility with Dango's pen and paper system makes this wallet more useful for EDC. It can function both as your wallet and your notebook cover. The beauty of the vegetable-tanned leather used to make the wallet only makes it better.

As another sign of quality, Dango makes all their products by hand in San Francisco. They're also highly functional, designed to address your everyday carry needs. And of course, thanks to the vegetable-tanned leather, you can enjoy the unique patina of the wallet as it evolves with the rest of your EDC. Now's a great time to pick up a veg-tan wallet from Dango for $10 off as they're on sale until April 22nd in celebration of Earth month, too. Check them out at the link below.

Buy C01 ($39) | Buy P01 ($99)

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Dango D01 Slate Gray Limited Edition

Dango's D01 minimalist wallet has a sleek, sophisticated styling fit for the office with a rugged aluminum frame built for longterm performance. It's the kind of wallet that says a lot by doing little, with—as its name suggests—a dapper, professional look that instantly dresses up any EDC. But even when you're suiting up, it pays to add a little pop to your ensemble. So with the limited edition Slate Gray colorway, Dango gives the D01 a striking statement right down the middle, giving the minimalist wallet a high-impact edge in style.

If you’re familiar with the rest of Dango’s product line then you’ll see how the D01 Dapper fits right in. It's a fully structured wallet with a low-profile design and less tactical flair, making it TSA-friendly for urban carry. Dango combined their usual premium leather with durable aerospace aluminum resulting in a wallet with comfortable handfeel and touchpoints that doesn't take up too much pocket space.

Even loaded with 6 cards, the entire package is only 0.3” thick. It does accommodate up to 12 cards total and keeps them safe from skimming thanks to RFID protection. The D01's striking red silicone band lets it secure a few bills, perfect for carrying an emergency stash of cash for the places that don't take cards. The notch along the side of the wallet lets you easily access your cards, and the integrated bottle opener is perfect for relaxing after a long workday.

From the office to a night on the town to your next weekend getaway, the Dapper Wallet keeps it slim, rugged, and stylish. Add a splash of color to your EDC by clicking on the link below.

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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your EDC Wallet

While the weather we've been having might not agree, spring has sprung. Now is a great time to make a fresh start and do some long overdue spring cleaning, even in your EDC. A great place to start is with the wallet in your pocket: it's one of those things in your carry that can really get out of hand. To keep your wallet trim and tidy, just follow a few of these simple steps.

This is a sponsored post presented by Ridge.

Ravean Carbon Fiber Wallet

"A superbly slim and compact wallet for holding up to 8 payment or ID cards. It’s made from sculpted carbon fiber for both durability and flexibility, plus it blocks RFID scanning. An add-on money clip ($8) lets you..." (via TheAwesomer)

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All-New Aluminum Ridge Wallets

From flashlights to pocket knives to smartphones, aluminum has become the material of choice for the gear we carry. It's light, strong, comfortable, and affordable — all things you'd want in your EDC. And these days, you'll find aluminum on minimalist wallets like the Ridge to keep things slim, sturdy, and lightweight. One of the many other benefits of aluminum gear is just how many more colors it can come in to give your EDC its signature look. With the addition of OD green, desert tan, rose gold, and celeste blue to their lineup, Ridge offers even more wallet styles to make your carry stand out.

In case you aren't familiar with Ridge wallets, they're constructed from two aluminum plates bound by a durable elastic and stainless steel screws. The aluminum plates create structure, block RFID signals, make it easier to slide in and out of a pocket, and give your cards some heavy duty protection. Meanwhile, the elastic ensures a custom fit, minimizing bulk if you carry fewer cards while being able to expand to accommodate up to 12 cards without stretching out.

These new wallets leverage 6061-T6 aluminum to weigh in at just 2 ounces. The OD green, desert tan, and celeste blue colors feature a ceramic coating for a rich, matte finish. The rose gold version is hard anodized aluminum, resulting in a durable speckled finish for that extra bling appeal.

You can check out the new colors and configure them to best fit your EDC at the link below. Be sure to check out how our tips on how to choose the right cash-carrying configuation for your next Ridge wallet, as well as our color-coded carry round-up for ideas on gear to match.

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How to Choose the Best Ridge Wallet for Your EDC

A bulky wallet isn’t just an eye-sore, it’s also a pain to carry around. Minimalist wallets like the Ridge are becoming more and more popular with EDCers, but with so many to choose from, picking the right one can be intimidating. You can't go wrong with any of the slim wallets from Ridge, but it's good to know the benefits of each of their offerings so you can make the right choice. Whether you're after toughness, light weight, or even better ways to carry your cash, there's a wallet setup for you.