My Everyday Carry


submitted by Edwards

Long-distance flight carry during transit at Dubai airport

  • Knife
  • Multitool Multifunction Ti Spork (spoon, fork, pry bar?, did I mention it’s Ti?)
  • Lamy Pico Pen
  • Passport + e-ticket
  • Phone (during transit)
  • Wallet (with 3 currencies)
  • Some local coins
  • Cruzer contour flashdrive (the plane allows to open pdf documents as well as photos and music on the entertainment system)
  • 4Sevens Quark Mini AA flashlight torch
  • Muji travel document holder

A little bit much but I was experimenting a bit. Some of these were in my bag and shirt pocket. There was also an iPod nano I forgot to include.

Editor’s Note: Oh cool, I’ve never seen a spork like that before. It looks like it has a built in carabiner and a nail puller? Good choice on the flashlight torch. Flashlights were originally called flashlights because due to battery constraints and other limitations they could only ‘flash’ light for a brief time. Torch suggests long-lasting burntimes, which is more appropriate for the more recent incarnations of the tool. Anyway, hope you had a safe flight!

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