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A tritium key fob seen illuminating Spyderco and Victorinox knives via rksoon@BF

Tritium Keychain Fobs

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that, when contained in a phosphor-coated vial, does not require UV radiation to glow, unlike normal luminescent paints or materials. This makes them useful for locating things like keys or flashlights, or for reading hands/dials on a watch in the dark. Tritium has long-lasting illumination abilities, only dimming to half its brightness after 12 years (corresponds directly to the half-life of tritium). You might find yourself feeling frustrated that you can’t find your keys after dropping them in the dark, or if you’re rummaging through your purse, so consider slipping one of these tritium fobs on your keyring.

They can be found at CPFM, DealExtreme, and other online retailers.

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