My Everyday Carry

I like to keep it pretty simple on my daily carry. Everything serves it purpose very well, except for the knife. I do a lot of prying and the Mercator just can’t handle that kind of task. I just got the Keyhook in from Joe at SLCO this week, waited a long time for it, and boy was it worth it. Machined and designed right here in the US, made from US solid brass. It’s light but sturdy and feels great hooked into the belt loop. Highly recommend it if anyone’s looking for a nice simple way to hold their keys. The Doane book is great, it’s lined and gridded which is perfect for notes or small drawings that pop into the head when I’m out and about. The Anatolian is probably my most coveted item I carry on me. It’s a hand turned electronic cigarette, made in Istanbul. The maker, Barbaros is a good friend of mine and a true craftsman. He puts his heart and sole into each piece made. This specific electronic cigarette is part of a limited edition batch, it has my birth date and custom serial number engraved into the bottom. The wallet is something I made when my old wallet finally fell apart. It’s a simple flap wallet, holds about 8 cards and some cash. Does it’s job quite well.

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