My Everyday Carry

I’m an airline pilot in Chicago, based out of ORD. (O’hare for those who don’t speak three letter airport codes.) I thought I would show my work EDC instead of my at home carry, my home stuff looks remarkably similar to lots of posts here. And I’m at work more than I’m at home. This is what I have in my pockets or on my person when I’m out flying the line. Since badges and logos being copied is frowned upon by the FAA and TSA I’ve unmarked them. Some of the items I’m required to have with me by federal regulation, or my company, I’ve noted those. I’ve also tried to get things arranged so I have to pull the least amount of stuff out of my pockets when going through metal detectors. Which at this time is just my phone and passport with the stuff clipped on it. Side note: before they reneged on changing the pocket knife rules I had intended to add a Victorinox classic but that obviously didn’t happen.
Thanks to that recent gear watch post I got in on the Ti-Post Raw pen + Stylus so I’ll be swapping out 2 for 1 later this year for pen and stylus. Keep up the great work on the site.

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