My Everyday Carry

Antique Restorer in St. Louis, MO

I love my aviators they are classic and literally go with everything. My note 2 is the best phone I’ve ever owned, Its got a fairly decent camera and the note part is a god send always have a “pen and paper”. My grandfather always told carry a handkerchief, and he was right! It has a thousand and one uses from wiping sweat, to wiping her tears, to you name it. I never leave home with out one. The slimclip was a gag gift I got years ago and it is the best  wallet I have ever owned it fits everything I need, and makes me think about what actually goes in it so no more ridiculous bulk. You don’t even know its in your pocket. The gorilla tape and velco is one of those things that people always laugh at until they need to fix something on the fly and it is there. It takes up almost no space in the pocket, and has saved my backside numerous times. My Skeletool is another one of those things that just works. Knife, pliers, screwdrivers, and it’s light weight. I put about 7 feet of para-cord as a fob on it. It’s damn useful stuff. Now I have tried a million different edc lights and I will say that this little pen light is amazing. It’s so light weight and slim, so it doesn’t look like I am walking around with a roll of quarters all the time. It has a decently bright light and a temporary on/off cap which is great. My Predator watch is something that is just built like a brick you know what. MTM is a great company and they make a great product. I quit smoking about two years ago and my Zippo is just something that I feel naked if it’s not in my pocket. and have a lighter never hurts. My two knives are both made by CRKT and they are both used to death and they are cheap enough that if I do end up destroying them they are replaceable. That being said CRKT makes quality products and both have stood up to the abuse they get put through. They hold a good edge and I use them for everything, from eating to opening mail. Keys are one of those things that you just have to deal with and I keep it simple with just  the cars and my Yoda house key ( a little Jedi is always a good thing ). They get clipped on a Leatherman Style cs which has scissors and tweezers and a little knife. A great little tool.  I carry all of this pretty much everyday, with a few exceptions here and there.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what I carry

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