EDC for an Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot (age 31)
My humble little collection of EDC in my Nav-bag for all the journeys.

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Thanks Garrick! The campaign is still on going on Kickstarter. Just search BOLDR Journey and you will find it. Last few weeks before the campaign ends.
Unfortunately I don't have money right now, but I will definitely pick one up later. Do you know what the plans are for BOLDR after the kickstarter?
I'm not sure how you got hold of a BOLDR watch, since the Kickstarter is still going on, but well done Sir! This is a hauntingly beautiful watch, perfect for a pilot (which I always dreamed of becoming), and as a result of seeing it here, I might pledge for one!
Go try out flying with general aviation aircraft, you'll fall in love the moment it takeoff! I'm loving everyday at work flying. :)
By the way, the campaign is still going on and we are glad you like the watch! Thanks for the support!