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Kentwood, LA
My usual suspects with two new additions. Tactile Turn Glider pen from Will Hodges and his crew in Richardson, Texas. Great pen. Really nice quality. Will made his campaign a very nice experience. I'm super happy with it. And I also added a pry tool to my edc. Saw this on thid site and I had to have it. Pavel from Picaroon Tools is a nice guy to talk to and he helped get my hands on one of these. Really tough and well made tool. He makes really affordable gear. For sure check him out. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen. Hope you like the post.

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Hey ! Great photo ! Thank you for tagging. How did you manage to add the plank as a product?
No problem man. I believe It was already a suggestion. All I did was type in Picaroon Tools and The plank was one of the suggestions. I think that's all I did. Sorry I can't be anymore help.
Nice pen. I also carry my TT Glider daily, but I chose copper. I ran over to his shop the other day and saw his operation. Nicest guy in the world.
Yea he seems like a down to earth kinda guy. I loved his attitude toward customers who were being impatience little kids about short delays. He put out one helluva product.