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London, Great Britain (UK)
Hi everyone!
This is my UK-Legal carry. If anyone has any questions about some of the customised stuff I've got here, I'd be more than happy to cover it in the comments.
Until then, Happy Carrying!

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Thought your pen was a Scripto B324. Looks handy and classy, though. How did you customize it?
You're right, it does look pretty similar! Definitely a Ted Baker pen though, he couldn't resist stamping his name on the pocket clip. Anyway, as for modifications, they were: removing the (very much broken) touch screen rubber end, removing the paint that was chipping, sanding the body, replacing a very weak spring that came with the pen, filing down the pocket clip (which kept tearing at my trousers, like it was really ridiculously tight and quite sharp) and of course making it accept a FSP cartridge
Apologies in advance for the fact my USB seems to have registered ten times - the troubles of shaky internet connections, amirite?