One Piece Multi tool obsession!!

Welder (age 27)
Pittsburg, CA
I must say, one piece metal multi tools have become... well, a "small" obsession of mine. Yet, for what i think is a very good reason. They are after all, multi TOOLS, so naturally they have more useful functionality then just being fun collecting pieces of mine that i take out my pocket when taking the train to the local city and fidget with. Oh, and they can also do more than just open your beer bottles after a long day of work, fun and travels on a friday night.

With that being said, a bottle opener is the most common tool most of these one piece tools have, following that would be some kind of pry / Flat head function, 1/4 inch bit drivers and lastly i would say wrenches. You might find some that have blades, also what many are calling "knuckle protector". Other then that most of the tools have the same functions, it just depends on what feels the best in your hand or what is more aesthetically appealing. They also come in many different materials, like Stainless Steel, Titanium, brass, and copper. With so much variety in tool function and materials there is bound to be the match made in heaven tool for anybody to put into their own edc set up.

Now you are not going to rebuild that Chevy 350 big block that has been sitting in the garage, and your not going to remodel your guest bathroom with these tools. however, in a quick pinch you will be able to tighten loose screws on door hinges, adjust the scope on your rifle, pry out unwanted nails, thus saving your knife or your finger nail tips. there are many in the market from big brands like Gerber and Boker. There are also makers on instagram. For me, no matter what i am doing i always make sure to bring one on these tools with me, for functionality, and for fun.

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