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Pretty pumped on the most recent additions to my EDC from Vehement Knives. I have two knives from Vehement already and there is no shortage of purpose-driven design and quality execution in everything they make. If you haven't heard of them, I cannot recommend them enough. I wanted to do a quick write-up on these two tools to start and I will be posting a pocket/bag dump once I get a chance.

6AL4V Titanium Breach Cruiser:
I have tried quite a few mini pry bars before and struggled with choosing a size, but this thing is perfect size for everyone from First Responders to Survivalists. Vehement makes a few variations, but I chose a mid-sized (6" x 3/4" x 1/4"), no frills model. It is lightweight, but virtually unbreakable and the grooves provide a really comfortable grip surface. I have already field tested it on nails and pallets and it tore through them with ease. I hesitated on incorporating a pry bar for a while, but if you are carrying a bag this thing will save your blades and hands. Price: $155 shipped with lanyard.

6AL4V Titanium Marlin Spike:
For those of you unfamiliar with Marlin Spikes, this may look very tactical and more like a self-defense tool; in a pinch, you can definitely do some damage and hit some pressure points with it like a kuboton, but the real purpose for this is actually for knotwork. I have recently gotten more into paracord braids and knots and those of you who do it often know the value of having a tool to open pass-through holes, push cords through, or loosen tight knots. At 5" x 3/8", you can keep it on a key chain or even in your pocket and once again the Ti is so light weight compared to steel. Combination of high polished tip with knurled and grooved grip make it easy to maneuver. Price: $60 shipped with lanyard.

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