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With restrictions being lifted and cases staying down, the pandemic seems to be winding down, at least for now. But if there’s one thing that’s proven its mettle over the past few years, it’s remote work. While it might not be for everyone, it’s brought a lot of benefits to the table, like eliminating commuting costs for employees, increasing work-life balance, and reducing office space costs for businesses. And for better or worse, whether it’s for work or school or everything in between, there’s one constant in working from home: video calls. To help make your remote-meeting experience as smooth as possible, Anker introduces new work from home essentials, each with the same thoughtful tech utility the brand has become known for.

B600 Video Bar

Knowing how expensive (and messy) it can be to have a decent setup for video meetings, Anker designed the B600 VideoBar, a device that combines everything you need inside a single, compact body. It comes with a high-quality 2K resolution camera along with a built-in light, so no need to buy or set up one of those cumbersome ring lights anymore. To make sure you’re always heard as clear and reliable as possible, a 4-mic array has also been included to best capture your voice. Finally, a dual set of speakers helps you tune in to your co-workers loud and clear. All of this in a package you can mount onto your monitor with ease.

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PowerConf H700 Wireless Headset

If you prefer to have a bit more privacy during your meetings, the PowerConf H700 headset was designed to maximize both what you can hear, and how well you are heard. To keep you as comfortable as possible, the H700s are wireless, which means no more annoying tangling while sitting, and no more accidental yanking when you get up from your workstation. They’ve also been fitted with VoiceShield technology using deep-learning to differentiate your own voice from background noise, ensuring you’re always sending a clear message.

And for always receiving a clear message, the H700s come with noise-canceling technology, eliminating distracting noises when you need to stay focused. To further help you with this goal, this headset can also transcribe whatever is going on during your call, leaving your computer to take all the notes while you give your full attention to listening. This subscription-based transcribing software is compatible with today’s most popular meeting apps, such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, and many more, and you do get 2 free months with your purchase.

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PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

If conference calls are what you deal with on a daily basis instead, Anker designed the PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone. This wireless device comes with a built-in 6,700mAh battery, giving you a full 24 hours of run time before having to charge again. For convenience and portability, the S3 features a compact size, allowing you to truly carry a mobile office with you. And to keep it safe during your travels, it’s also been outfitted with a protective travel case, keeping the elements away while keeping your device inside, safe.

Similar to the H700s and the B600, the S3 also comes with smart voice enhancement software inside its 6-mic array, isolating your voice from background noise, and making sure you can be heard crystal clear. Easy to set up, the S3 is compatible with most popular video-call services, and you can connect it to your computer or phone via USB-C or to your phone via Bluetooth.

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