Best Flashlights; Tactical & LED items reviewed by Everyday Carry

Best Flashlights for Everyday Carry

Carrying a LED flashlight as part of your everyday carry is a bright idea—and we don't mean the one on the back of your smartphone.  While the LED on your phone can work in a pinch, a dedicated EDC flashlight is a more reliable option. Even if you think you might not use one, the reality is that it gets dark every night. So to be prepared, whether it's in a blackout, scanning the floor for something you dropped, or taking a walk at night, you should invest in a small flashlight.

If you've never carried a flashlight before, we recommend starting small. Small flashlights are easier to carry in your pocket or even on your keychain without getting in the way. The top flashlights can still get impressively bright thanks to how advanced LEDs and batteries have become.

For emergencies or really hard use, you might want to look at tactical flashlights. They're built to perform in demanding military and law enforcement applications, so they'll be powerful and durable enough for your everyday uses.

Different Types of Flashlights for Everyday Carry

To While we mentioned small keychain flashlights and tactical flashlights, you'll notice there are plenty of ways flashlights can differ. Not all lights are long, bulky cylinders. The easiest way to narrow down a flashlight is by what battery it uses: think AAA, AA, or CR123 to start. Smaller batteries generally mean smaller and more compact flashlights with less runtime and brightness. Bigger, more powerful flashlights require more batteries, and mean a bulkier light overall. To learn more about which type of flashlight is right for you, check out this brief explainer on batteries. Then, check out our buying guides for the best cheap flashlights, and scroll down for even more options.

Fenix E30R

With a long history of making solid and popular flashlights for EDC, Fenix know a thing or two about making a reliable light. And when given the platform for an 18650 battery—one of the most versatile cells for flashlights—the light they make is distilled down to a simple and efficient machine. Fenix’s E30R is every bit the modern flashlight, with the power and features you’ve come to expect with a few unique features that remove any doubt as to its place in your pocket.

The first thing to notice about the E30R is its size. At under only 3.9“ long it’s barely larger than the 2.5” 18650 that powers it, making it easy to carry in both hand and pocket. But don’t be fooled by its size—thanks to its Luminus SST40 LED it’s able to push out up to 1600 lumens on Turbo along with 5 other modes including Strobe and a 30-lumen Eco mode with a 70-hour runtime. A single side switch handles operation, while doubling as a battery indicator.

Speaking of battery, the E30R’s other key feature is its magnetic charging. Rather than adding additional length by placing the charging mechanism in the tailcap, it’s instead integrated on the opposite side of the side switch. An included magnetic charging cable terminates in USB, making it convenient to top up the light using the rest of your existing tech, taking about 3 hours to charge the included 3500mAh battery up to full.

Daily carry shouldn’t be a problem for the light thanks to its IP68-rated anodized aluminum housing, with an included bezel-up clip for ease of attachment to a pocket or bag webbing. The clip even acts as a kind of “hardware lock” by simply twisting it so it sits over the side switch to prevent any accidental activation. No matter how you carry, its 1.8 oz weight without the battery is light enough in the pocket for an easy EDC.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding an 18650 light to your EDC, there’s little excuse to pick the Fenix E30R as your next one. Check it out at the Amazon link below.

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* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

JETBeam JET-RRT01 2019

Between clicky switches and electronic switches and twist interfaces and even bolt-action activation, there are plenty of ways to fire up your favorite flashlight. But one thing unfortunately missing from that list is the underrated rotary interface. Usually paired with an infinitely ramping brightness feature, a rotary interface for a flashlight means you can literally dial in the brightness you need for whatever task is at hand. And while there have been rotary lights available off and on over the years, they’ve been an elusive beast—until today. JETBeam reissues their RRT01 flashlight for 2019, bringing with it the versatile rotary interface that’s backed up by equally versatile features. It’s a modern rotary light designed to be infinitely useful for the next generation of EDCers.

Part of the appeal of a rotary interface is its simplicity, which is also true for the JET-RRT01. Its entire operation is centered around its stainless steel magnetic control ring. It starts from off, then twisting it clockwise makes it pass through a series of detents to activate “on” and “High,” with hidden modes like Strobe and SOS accessible via quick twists past these detents. But the main focus of the light is that once you pass that first detent, it’s an infinite number of brightness levels from 1-950 claimed lumens with an RCR123A battery, which means it’s the perfect brightness for your needs at any time, without having to pass through a convoluted interface to get there. Inside the JET-RRT01 is a Cree XP-L HI that’s compatible with both the included (and rechargeable!) 16340 cell that comes with it, as well as 18350 and the aforementioned RCR123A rechargeable batteries. Runtime with an RCR123A is ~25 minutes when on the highest 950-lumen brightness, and 80 hours at 1 lumen.

With an anodized aluminum construction and palm-sized 3.2“ length, the JET-RRT01 is sized right for EDC. A flat tail—with notches for tritium vials, no less—allows tailstanding for candle operation, while a skeletonized clip allows easy pocket or lanyard carry, and doubles as an anti-roll deterrent when the light is on a surface. The recessed battery tube is knurled for grip and purchase during operation, sealing off its battery compartment with an o-ring and secure, square threads that contribute to its IPX8-rated resistance.

If you’ve never tried a rotary interface before on your flashlights, then the JETBeam JET-RRT01 is the perfect place to test the waters. Between its couldn’t-be-simpler operation, power options, and usage versatility, it’s one of the most compelling EDC lights on the market for you to try. Pick one up from the Amazon link below.

Buy on Amazon: $79.95*

* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

8 Keychain Flashlights for EDC in 2019

Your keychain is one of the most convenient places to keep your tools. You carry your keys every day anyway, so pairing them with useful gear—like a flashlight—ensures you always stay prepared.

You might think to get a flashlight that's powerful or useful enough to be worth carrying would take up way too much pocket space. But thanks to modern LED and battery tech, today's keychain lights are more than powerful enough for everyday use. All while staying compact enough to comfortably carry in your pockets, always within reach.

A good part of our days is spent in the dark, so carrying a light is always a bright idea. Here are 8 of the best flashlights to add to your keychain to round out your EDC.

ThruNite T1

It used to be that if you wanted to EDC a light that had serious output, you had to sacrifice portability and convenience for larger size and weight. But with advances in LED emitter and battery technology, that's a trade off that you no longer have to make. Case in point: the new ThruNite T1. It boasts monster performance with its 1500 lumen output, modern conveniences like USB-recharging and variable brightness, and effortless portability with multiple carry options. Best of all, this pocket powerhouse doesn't come with a premium price tag, making it a compelling value in the EDC flashlight market.

With its Cree XHP-50 LED module, the ThruNite T1 can put out a maximum of 1500 lumens out the front for three minutes, powered off its single included 1100mAh 18350 battery. The turbo mode gives you a relatively wide beam, illuminating 335 feet in front of you in a neutral white light that helps you to identify things in the distance with ease. With its easy single button operation, you can swiftly change between that turbo mode and more efficient options, going all the way down to a 'firefly' economy mode that brings the output down to a single lumen for an estimated total runtime of 14 days. And the best part is that while there are pre-set high and low modes, the light gives you the ability to fine tune the exact output you need with a stepless dimming function. For emergency use, there's also a strobe beam accessed by triple clicking the button in rapid succession. And when your battery starts getting low, its button switch's built-in battery indicator lights up to notify you. The good news is that the T1 is USB-rechargeable, letting you top off the battery with power at home or on the go without complicated proprietary chargers or spare batteries to swap.

For a light that has this much power and versatility, it's astounding that it's only 2.73” in length. You can easily conceal it in your hand or in your pockets, and it's lightweight too at just 45 grams without the battery. This small and light design makes it a pleasure to use, even for extended periods. And if you take it outdoors out on a hike, you'll appreciate its IPX-8 water resistance. Its aircraft-grade aluminum body can also take a few hits, while a magnetic tailcap in the rear lets you mount it to some metal surfaces for hands-free lighting.

Perhaps the best part of the ThruNite T1 is that for all of its utility, it's available right now at a seriously accessible price. And that, combined with its rich feature set and immense portability, makes it a compelling choice to be your new everyday carry flashlight. Check it out and buy one for yourself today at the link below.

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Nitecore P18

A modern EDC light often tries to do it all, and sometimes, to a fault. It's hard to strike a balance between size, features, and power, which results in a solid flashlight for general use but isn't the best at any particular function. So when building the P18 for a tactical purpose, Nitecore zeroed in on the features that would matter the most. And thanks to the brand's pedigree of purpose-built lights, the P18 has the fit, finish, and functionality befitting a light you need to depend on.

Taking cues from its unibody keychain brothers, the P18 comes with a die-cast unibody cut from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The single-piece construction gives it better structural integrity compared to multi-part tubes, while the shape offers a better usability by way of a more comfortable grip, anti-roll shape, and a narrower profile to ease deployment from your pocket. The business end of the P18 has slots for its main Cree XHP35 HD LED and auxiliary red LED, while the rear section has two discrete buttons for activating each of its outputs. A screw-down battery compartment next to the main switch holds the light's included IMR 18650 3100 mAh battery.

The P18 isn't wanting for power or runtime between its 5 main modes. Turbo gives its a 1800-lumen output, while Ultralow is 1 lumen with a runtime of 220 hours. You also get 3 special modes which include SOS, beacon, and a random strobe pattern. All 8 of these modes are controlled via the silent rear switch, with momentary on/Turbo and direct access to Ultralow. The discrete button on the P18's underside activates its 10-lumen red LED, acting as both a night vision-friendly light and a battery indicator.

Machined grooves in different patterns run the length of the P18's 4.15” body, giving improved grip even when wearing gloves while retaining a form factor that rivals the smallest 18650 flashlights on the market. IP65-rated water resistance and 1 meter of impact protection gives it ample protection even in tough environments, while still carrying light at 3.65 ounces with a removable pocket clip for EDC.

Nitecore's precision never fails to produce some of the best purpose-built lights for any duty, and the P18 certainly fits the bill. Add this compact tactical powerhouse to your carry by clicking on the Amazon link below.

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Nitecore TIP2

With a track record of powerful pocket flashlights, Nitecore's next installment gives EDCers another reason to take notice. The original TIP was a pocket staple thanks to its impressive 360-lumen output in a form factor right at home on a keychain. Its successor, the new TIP2, has upgrades in all the right places, sporting a sleeker, more durable build and packing double the brightness. With power, portability, and a slew of features packed into a new portable design, the TIP2 debuts as a strong contender for your next EDC light.

The most noticeable difference between the TIP2 versus its predecessor is the new form factor of its outer shell. Measuring only 2.46” long and a little over 0.5” wide (only slightly larger overall than the TIP), the IP67-rated aluminum body provides lightweight, but sturdy construction. Chamfered edges offer a comfortable grip and a smooth shape that allows easy retrieval from a pocket or bag. Dual Cree XP-G3 S3 LEDs create an overlapping beam to provide a wide area of light. Two buttons on the side of the device handle the TIP2's operation: one to activate power, and the other to cycle through the 4 different brightness modes. Low at 1 lumen, Mid at 30 lumens, High at 200 lumens, and Turbo at an impressive 720 lumens—easily rivaling the brightness of flashlights twice its size. Nitecore has toted the TIP2 to have a runtime of up to 55 hours on its lowest setting.

An added memory function allows the TIP2 to recall its last brightness setting for personal preference and can be reset with ease. A quick-release tail cap found on the rear of the TIP2 is held securely in place via two neodymium magnets. These magnets can also be used to mount the flashlight on metallic surfaces for hands free use. Removing this cap reveals a micro-USB charging port, which makes it handy to charge the light with cables and chargers you may already own. To make it easier to know when to top up its 500mAh battery, charge indicator lights can be found in-between the power and mode buttons. The TIP2 also comes with a detachable pocket clip allowing carry options to fit your needs.

A smooth new shell and stellar pocket performance is only the tip of the iceberg for Nitecore's latest everyday light. Pick up a TIP2 of your own today at the link below.

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Olight Seeker 2 Pro

Innovations in the flashlight scene often tend to go in one of two seemingly opposite directions: portability or raw output. We've seen keychain lights get smaller and smaller, and on the other end, LED-equipped behemoths that push out a monstrous amount of lumens. Fortunately for us EDCers, Olight's latest model brings the innovation they're known for to a sweetspot of pocket-friendliness and power. The new Olight Seeker 2 Pro leverages all-new battery technology to deliver 3200 lumens and a slew of advanced features all in a pocket-sized form factor.

It's easy to marvel at whatever latest-and-greatest LED you'll find in the business end of a flashlight, but the unsung hero of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro would probably be its battery. It's Olight's first light to boast a 21700 battery, an upgrade to the usual 18650 battery in its class that lets the Seeker 2 Pro achieve this next-level performance. The Seeker 2 Pro's custom 21700 battery measures only a few millimeters larger than an 18650 cell, but it ups the capacity from 3600mAh to 5000mAh for much longer runtimes while keeping a sleek silhouette.

Thanks to its battery's excellent capacity-to-size ratio, the Seeker 2 Pro stays compact at just over 5” in length. the head of the light is well-proportioned to the body also, with a 1.38” diameter that tapers to 1.10” through the body. The single-cell barrel of the light offers better ergonomics compared to larger, multi-cell lights, especially in conjunction with milled finger grooves coated with industrial silicone. It gives the light a rubberized feel for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Above the grip section lies the Seeker 2 Pro's large side switch, complete with built-in brightness and battery indicator lights. Four lights on each side display the lumen setting (400, 800, 1600, and 3200 lumen intervals) and remaining battery (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% levels) at a glance. The switch grants instant access to moonlight or Turbo mode from the off position, mode memory options, auto-off timers, and lockout modes as well.

Once the light's on, a cluster of three cool white Cree XP-L HD LEDs and total internal reflection optics at the head deliver a smooth, even beam. The Seeker 2 Pro offers 5 brightness mode (as well as a strobe mode), from a 5-lumen low lasting 12 days to a 3200 lumen max output burst for 2 minutes, which steps down to 600 lumens for over two hours. At the other end, you'll find a knurled tailcap with a flat, magnetic base for tailstanding and mounting on metal surfaces, as well as an integrated lanyard attachment point for easy retrieval.

That magnetic base also works with Olight's magnetic charging cable, making recharging the custom Li-ion battery especially convenient. The Seeker 2 Pro also comes with an L-shaped mount to dock the light at work, in the garage, and so on when it's not in use, as well as a holster for easy carry. Last but not least, the Seeker 2 Pro features the durable materials and features you'd expect in an EDC light, like IPX8 water resistance and anodized aluminum construction. You can pick up Olight's latest at the link below.

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BioLite Headlamp 330

With summer on the way and the days getting longer, some people might start putting their flashlights away to hibernate until next winter. But a solid light can be an essential part of your EDC year round, especially if you find yourself working outdoors or trying to stay active. The traditional EDC of choice would be a handheld flashlight—but when you're really working with your hands, a headlamp is the superior choice for hands-free illumination. Typically other headlamps can be bulky or difficult to use, but the BioLite Headlamp 330 offers a much more streamlined experience that makes it worth adding to your EDC.

When you use a regular flashlight, being able to use both hands is a luxury. But for some jobs, it's a requirement. The Biolite Headlamp 330 proves capable not only for the usual outdoor activities but also for general utility tasks, especially when you're working in tight spaces and need both hands to get the job done. Two major features set the Headlamp 330 apart from your typical headlamp: its cleverly designed headband and its four-mode lighting system.

Rather than positioning the light, battery, and circuitry all on the front of your head, the Headlamp 330 takes a more balanced approach to achieve a comfortable, slim profile. The lights and operation switch sit up front, while the battery pack counters that weight at the rear of the headband. The necessary wiring is integrated into the band itself, keeping out of the way and resulting in a slimmer fit that works well even under a helmet. Thanks to this balanced configuration, combined with moisture-wicking fabrics used on the headband, the Headlamp 330 resists slippage and bouncing. It makes even longer sessions comfortable whether you're hitting the trail for a nighttime run, looking down under the hood of a car, or looking up at a leaky pipe that needs fixing, for example.

From high-output outdoor adventuring to intricate repair work, there's no such thing as “one beam fits all.” That's why the Headlamp 330 offers lighting solutions at both ends of the spectrum: first, a 100-lumen floodlight gives wide, even illumination for a big-picture view of up-close tasks. Next, a powerful 230-lumen spot beam throws out to a much farther 75 meters, handy for long distance lighting like when road running or working outdoors. Together, they output a total of 330 lumens for when you need maximum brightness. Two other lighting modes round out its versatility: a red flood for helping preserve night vision, and an intense, far-reaching strobe in case of emergency.

You can also dial in the angle of the light as an added convenience with a quick tilt of the Headlamp 330's articulating base. It's just as easy to control the light via its top-mounted switch, which turns the light on or off, switches modes, and also locks out accidental button presses. The Headlamp 330's integrated 900mAh battery pack lasts 3.5 hours on High and 40 hours on Low, and can be easily recharged via micro USB.

While traditional flashlights have a place in many EDCers' pockets, the BioLite Headlamp 330 offers a variety of use cases that make it worth picking up to complement your EDC whether it's camping, commuting, or just quick fixes around the house. It's available in four different color options at the link below. 

Plus, as an Everyday Carry reader you can save 15% off your first order at BioLite with promo code EDC to try out a headlamp for your kit at a great value.

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RovyVon Aurora A8

With four models and counting, the RovyVon Aurora series of flashlights have proven to be popular performers for EDC. The new RovyVon Aurora A8 is the latest evolution of their compact keychain-friendly flashlight, improving on its predecessors and offering a new user interface that gives the light even more utility. With the A8, the RovyVon has shown that they're always seeking to make the best product possible, resulting in an even more refined and usable flashlight. Whether you're picking up your first do-it-all flashlight or looking to upgrade your current Aurora, the RovyVon A8 is worth a place in any carry.

With a polycarbonate body measuring a compact 2.16” and weighing 0.416 ounces, the A8 shares a similar look and size as the previous Auroras. Like the A6 that came before it, the A8 uses a Nichia 219C LED as its main emitter, giving it a maximum output of 350 lumens on High that's more than enough for everyday tasks. This LED characteristically comes with a 4500K tint that gives it 90+ CRI, resulting in a warm white beam that produces some of the most accurate color representation available to flashlights. A side switch allows you to cycle through the A8's four modes, including the introduction of a 0.5 lumen Moonlight mode as a result of community feedback. This gives you a nice super-low option that the A6 was missing, helping preserve night vision when in use as well as extending the A8's runtime (48 hours on Moonlight) far beyond its original Low option of 220 minutes at 10 lumens. Clicking the switch once cycles through Moonlight (0.5 lumens), Low (10 lumens), Medium (120 lumens) and High (350 lumens). If you need a momentary burst of light, a simple press and hold of the switch gives you instant access to the High output mode.

Like previous Aurora models, the A8 features side LEDs that extend the light's functionality with handy color options. A triple click of the side switch accesses a red/blue flash, while four clicks activates an amber LED new to this model. The former is useful as a signal light or indicator, while the amber LED takes cues from the neutral white main emitter as an eye-pleasing way to preserve night vision or help with locating the light while in beacon mode. These modes also give the benefit of minimal drain on the A8's battery, preserving its power for when you need its main modes the most.

The A8 keeps the core functionality of its predecessors, including 45-minute charging via an included micro USB port, IP65-rated resistance for dust and water, and a removable two-way clip that allows hands-free use when attached to the the brim of your hat. These features combined with a new interface and utility LEDs make a strong case for RovyVon Aurora A8 as your next keychain light. Get yours now via the link below, and be sure to check out the alternate version with UV, red, and white side emitters as well.

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“Great things come in small packages” has never been more true for the modern flashlight. What used to be a choice between power and size has now simply become a choice of convenience. FOURSEVENS has a long history of making cutting-edge compact lights for EDC, and now under the banner of Prometheus Lights they continue to innovate in both design and tech. The Mini Turbo MkIII packs impressive power and features into a pocket-friendly profile, proving that you don't have to compromise to carry a great flashlight.

This third iteration of FOURSEVENS's Mini Mk series makes two significant upgrades that warrant it a serious look. The first is a larger “Turbo” head that gives the light a bigger smooth reflector (and thus a longer throw), to the tune of 20 meters more than its predecessor. Inside the head resides a new Cree XPL-HI LED in a neutral white tint, which gives you a maximum output of 700 lumens at 4500K (a pleasant 75+ CRI) and a top range of 200 meters. Tint and power are one thing, but the MkIII takes a step further by allowing you to customize its outputs to 6 profiles. With options such as a single High output, access to all modes, or a versatile Low-Medium-High arrangement, the light operates as simple or as complex as you'd like through its twisty interface.

The rest of the MkIII's body is made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, with an extra-tough IPX8 rating that's more than capable of rigorous daily tasks. And in spite of its tiny 2.38” length, there's still room to fit a solid clip and a magnetic tailcap that lets you light up those hard to reach spaces. The total package including the MkIII's included high-discharge RCR123A battery barely tips the scales at 1.8 ounces, further cementing its purpose as a capable everyday light.

With enthusiast features and robust construction in a size that's easy to carry, the FOURSEVENS Mini Turbo MkIII earns a spot in any EDCer's pocket. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Is the Nitecore Tube Worth It in 2019?

The best flashlight is the one you have on you. For a lot of EDCers that means a keychain flashlight is the way to go. They're compact and lightweight, immensely practical and can work well in a pinch. In the past though, keychain lights tended to have poor build quality, inconvenient batteries that drained quickly, and not enough output to do serious work. But as LED flashlight technology improved, keychain lights became capable enough to replace even some larger, traditional primary flashlights. The Nitecore Tube was a revolutionary, innovative light at the time, packing impressive brightness and versatility with modern quality of life improvements in a sleek, lightweight build—all at an incredible value. But as we've seen how quickly flashlight technology advances, is the Nitecore Tube still worth it today? Read onto find out how it holds up and if your keyring could use a more modern upgrade.

MecArmy CPL Watchband Flashlight

One way to shake things up in your EDC is to experiment not just with what you carry, but how you carry them. In the case of flashlights, you might have one in your pocket, on your keychain, on your phone, or even on your head. But if none of those options appeal to you, maybe your next light belongs on your wrist. MecArmy's new innovation, the CPL Flashlight, sports a unique form factor designed to slip onto a watch band or similarly sized tactical webbing. It's a modern, premium upgrade to the button-cell lights of the past that can consolidate and add value to your carry in ways other flashlights can't, especially if you're already using a watch or tactical bag.

To keep the CPL compact enough to carry comfortably on a 24mm or smaller watch strap, it sports a low-profile, 30mm x 28mm x 18mm square form factor. The body's TC4 titanium construction makes it ideal for wrist wear, as it's tough yet light at just about 1 ounce, as well as corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic for EDCers with sensitive skin. Smooth, chamfered edges and rounded strap hooks on the underside also add to the overall comfort of the light.

On the business end, you'll find a CREE XP-G2 LED that outputs a full, floody beam. The CPL features an emergency strobe and 4 general usage modes with a 3-lumen Low that lasts for 30 hours, up to a maximum output of 160 lumens on Turbo for the first 2 minutes, ramping down to 43 lumens. It's powered by user-replaceable CR2032 button batteries and operates via a large, recessed power button to avoid accidental presses. Double-tapping the button turns the light on, single pressing cycles through its modes, press and hold turns the light off, and triple clicking gives instant access to its Turbo mode.

With a unique form factor that's designed to be carried in places other lights can't go, the CPL features the usual set of robust durability features like 1m drop resistance and IPX6 water resistance. You can toss it on your favorite compatible watch band or keep it as a back-up light on any PALS webbing you might find on a tactical bag or pouch organizer. Get a closer look at the MecArmy CPL and grab one to round out your kit from the link below.

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EAGTAC D3A Titanium Flashlight

When it comes to EDC flashlights, there's a certain magical combination of features that causes an unavoidable attraction. The flashlight where compatibility, collectibility, and color converge is one that's sure to capture more than a few enthusiasts' hearts. The EAGTAC D3A is one of those lights. With a sleek titanium shell, top class tint, and the ability to take on multiple power sources, not only can it take on your everyday lighting needs with confidence and convenience, it looks damn good while doing it, too.

The D3A is the latest in EAGTAC's “D” line of popular EDC lights, prized equally for their versatile performance and compact form factor. The D3A continues the line by adopting design cues on the outside and supercharging its performance within. Its shell is CNC-machined from titanium and brass, polished to an eye-catching mirror finish. Cooling fins etched into the head and a diamond knurling pattern round out the D3A's design.

It's in the electronics where the D3A gets the biggest upgrades. It all starts with a new A750 RC LED driver. It features high efficiency, versatile modes across the board, and most importantly, supports 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This allows you a higher voltage fuel source when you need to eke out a bit more lumens and runtime, while still offering the convenience of a common AA battery. The driver powers a cutting-edge Nichia 219C emitter with a 92 CRI rating—currently one the highest and most accurate color renderings you can get on a flashlight. The light's 4 default levels are controlled via twisting the head or via its rear (glow in the dark!) clicky switch, with a top end of 353 lumens for 1 hour on High and a max runtime of over 150 hours on its 2-lumen Low setting.

As with all EAGTAC flashlights, there's plenty of versatility with the D3A's outputs, with programmable last mode memory and lower Low settings available to more discerning users. And carrying the light is just as flexible thanks to an included clip, compact 2.9” length, and an included rigid nylon holster. Check out EAGTAC's latest and greatest EDC light at the Amazon link below.

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Streamlight ProTac 90

Sometimes a task comes along that the usual tools can't solve. Whether it's an unfortunate situation or a problematic location, a specific tool can often make the difference. An angled flashlight is one such tool, with its ability to get into spaces other lights can't manage. Even better if it's one made by one of the most reliable and popular brands in EDC. When it comes to tight spots, Streamlight's ProTac 90 may be the right angle to get you out.

Streamlight are well-known for their highly reliable and affordable flashlights, offering excellent build quality and performance at the fraction of the cost of many of their peers. The ProTac 90 is no different. Three output modes can be powered by a CR123A battery to provide a maximum output of 300 lumens on High for 1.75 hours, or 125 lumens for up to 5.5 hours when using a lithium AA battery. The multi-fuel capability makes it convenient to trade power for runtime (or more accessible batteries) when out in the field. A rubber switch rests behind the angled head where the ProTac 90's C4 LED sits, allowing you to navigate its stock modes or switch to one of three other programs depending on your needs. All this is housed within a 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with black anodized finish, and IPX7-rated resistance to boot.

While the right angle created from the light's design offers illumination opportunities in places where there's little vertical clearance, its shape offers even more EDC-friendly utility. For starters, it's more comfortable and ergonomic to hold when in use, compared to an over- or underhand grip that requires a bit of wrist flexibility. There's also a reason many headlamps make use of an L-shaped flashlight: it means the light's body can stay flush against a headband while still pointing its beam straight ahead. The ProTac 90's included clip also allows alternative hands-free operation by letting you attach it to a harness or strap to keep its output level while still remaining within reach.

Streamlight's ProTac 90 gives you a no-frills, all-business right-angle flashlight that's an excellent addition to any flashlight kit. Pick one up at the Amazon link below.

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Lumintop Titanium Penlight

"This pen-style pocket flashlight features a durable titanium alloy body with a military-grade hard-anodized finish. It’s IPX8-rated waterproof, and features a 125 lumen Nichi LED light source optimized for..." (via TheAwesomer)

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ThruNite Neutron 2C V3

With rock-solid features at an exceptionally attractive price tag, the ThruNite Neutron 2C has established itself to be an excellent everyday light. Rather than reinvent the wheel to keep the flashlight fresh, ThruNite instead innovate with careful iteration. Now in its 3rd version, the latest 2C comes with measured upgrades rather than drastic differences, adopting the power, versatility, and utility of modern lights while staying true to its core as a great all-around flashlight for EDC.

The Neutron 2C V3's exterior largely remains unchanged from its initial release. It comes in an IPX8-rated black anodized aluminum tube with a raised collar with an anti-roll design that houses a metal side switch and generous knurling for its bottom half. A key feature lies with this segmented bottom portion: it unscrews into two separate parts to allow you to shorten the entire light, giving compatibility to huge range of batteries (18650 x 1, 18350 x 1, CR123A x 2, 16340 x 1, 16340 x 2). This gives the 2C ridiculous versatility and portability depending on your needs, and thanks to a built-in micro USB port, the light itself is even able to recharge said cells. The 2C's accessories include a pre-attached clip, 3400 mAh 18650 battery, holster, lanyard, and micro USB cable. These round out its carry options as well as give you a complete kit to get you started.

An electronic side switch (which also doubles as a battery indicator) navigates the light's 4 modes. It uses a Cree XP-L V6 LED available in both cool and neutral white, with a top output of 1100 lumens and a maximum runtime of 49 days on its 0.5-lumen Firefly setting. Playing again on its versatility, the 2C's main output mode allows continuous ramping between 12 and 650 lumens, with shortcuts to Firefly (long press), Turbo (double click), and Strobe (double click from Turbo) from off. These shortcuts are a nice and thoughtful touch, especially considering  getting to the right brightness on its ramping mode may take a few moments that you might not have in a pinch. Thankfully, mode memory exists for this mode when you do find that perfect brightness.

Even in its third iteration, versatility is still the name of the game for the Thrunite Neutron 2C. Pick one up in your choice of tint from the Amazon link below.

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