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Now that you’ve got your EDC just the way you want it—minimal, effective, and stylish—it’s time to think about how to carry it all. When you want to stay lookin’ sharp in that outfit, you might want to avoid just shoving everything in your pockets, too. 

Spreading out your carry to your coat pockets—now, that’s the move, and it’s especially crucial when you’re traveling and want to keep things light. There are few better ways to do this than with a Bluffworks Travel Blazer, thanks to its thoughtful pocket organization on the inside, and high-performance fabrics and features on the outside.

You wouldn’t expect it judging by its trim and tailored silhouette, but the Bluffworks Blazer boasts a ton of storage, to the tune of ten pockets total. In true travel jacket fashion, there’s a pocket for everything: zippered chest pockets for securing your valuables, hidden internal pockets for stashing cash and cards along the back hem, and even larger pockets for a tablet or book, to name a few.  

Best of all, unlike other travel jackets (which usually come as a vest, softshell, or hoodie of some form) the blazer is a menswear staple that’s more appropriate in both professional and casual settings. Bluffworks makes theirs using a technical fabric that looks and feels like wool, but provides machine-washable durability, convenient packability, anti-wrinkle properties, and temperature regulation. It makes the blazer both good at carrying your EDC and carrying in your EDC.

You can pledge for a blazer at a discounted price at Bluffworks’s fully funded Kickstarter campaign below, with multiple color, fit, and sizing options to suit your needs.  

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