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You may not realize it, but your belt could play a more important role in your EDC than you think. Besides just holding up your pants and all the gear you carry in them, it also serves as a platform for new carry options. Even if you’re not gearing up with sheaths, pouches, or holsters on your belt, the Dango Belt adds discreet storage with a stash capsule built right into the buckle. Their latest belt buckle is stealthier than ever in a new Jet Black anodized aluminum color that pairs perfectly with their black belt strap to add style and function to your everyday clothing.

The Dango Belt is designed first and foremost to be a sturdy belt, built tough to never let you or your pants down. Two main pieces comprise the belt: a belt strap made in the USA by hand from black Italian veg-tan leather and a fully machined 7-piece buckle now available in a new Jet Black anodized aluminum.

The buckle itself is removable, meaning you can swap out for a different color (particularly the new black buckle) or to alternate straps in your choice of Jet Black or Whiskey Brown to fit your daily ensemble. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3″ inner diameter and 1.9″ internal height, it’s a discreet part of the belt’s design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash. If you need even more utility, you can pick up a separate belt fob in the strap’s colors to serve as a latch point for your keys and more.

The Dango Belt is an uncompromising accessory that looks good and performs even better for EDC. You can configure a stealthy black-on-black look by pairing their black belt strap and their new black buckle from their shop at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango Products.

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