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Durability vs. light weight: if you had to pick one for your EDC gear, which would you choose? It’s a decision gear enthusiasts often have to make. But with the right combination of materials and design, you can have both. For example, aluminum and carbon fiber are go-to premium materials for quality EDC gear that offer both strength and light weight without compromise. Outside of EDC gear, you can find these materials used in high-performance planes, boats, and even cars built for the racetrack. That racing heritage lies at the heart of Dango’s new R-SPEC collection of slim EDC wallets. The collection updates Dango’s already successful line of minimalist wallets with a winning combination of aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, offering a fast track to tough but light storage of your cash and cards.

If you’re already familiar with the Dango D01 and M1 slim front pocket minimalist EDC wallets, the new R-SPEC versions retain those same great features with a new automotive-inspired look. Either wallet offers a 10-12 card total capacity depending on the model, as well as built-in RFID-blocking technology to keep your card details safe. But the finishing touches have a bit more polish to them this time around, with the R-SPEC wallets having smoother, more aerodynamic lines reminiscent of what you’ll find on a luxury supercar. Their precision-milled 6061 aluminum chassis has also been spiced up with a beautiful high-gloss prismatic powder coat of paint in your choice of white, black, red, and cement grey. On the other side of the high speed carbon fiber panel is a fine top-grain leather siding accentuated with high-contrast red stitching befitting that found on a nice driver’s bucket seat when you’re behind the wheel.

Whether you enjoy living life in the fast lane or you’re striving for some of the toughest and lightest gear to line your pockets, there’s a wallet in the new Dango R-SPEC collection for you. You can check out the entire line of the D01 and M1 R-SPEC wallets from Dango at their website linked below.

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