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When Fisher named their Space Pen, it wasn’t just for show. Its ability to write in zero gravity wasn’t theoretical—back in 1968, Fisher was responsible for supplying the pens used in the Apollo 7 mission, the model AG7. The actual first person to use the AG7 in space is also the only surviving member of the Apollo 7 mission, Col. Walt Cunningham. In present day, the AG7-MW Moonwalker pays tribute to Col. Cunningham by preserving the original design but adding modern-day touch ups and quality of life upgrades. Since then, this particular model has been used for over 50 years by multiple space agencies like NASA and SpaceX.

Like with the original AG7, the Moonwalker is made out of solid Brass. But in this modern iteration, that brass construction is plated with nickel titanium nitride to provide a more durable and aesthetic finish. The Moonwalker also features a moderate 5.12“ length, weighing in at 1 ounce for a more comfortable writing experience, enhanced by the addition of a ribbed section to provide extra grip. The Parker-style, black Fisher Pressurized PR4 refill can be deployed by pressing on the pen’s rear clicky button, and once you’re done writing, its side button retracts the cartridge. A sturdy spring metal pocket clip also ensures that this made in the USA pen stays right where it needs to be.

One thing to note is that (at the time of writing) this limited edition pen’s price point is a little more than double if we compare it to the standard AG7 Astronaut pen. Practically, you get the same experience with the addition of the nickel titanium nitride coating, a more pronounced texture at the grip, and the limited edition packaging. But of course, there’s no accounting for its exclusivity and collectability.

If you like the design of the AG7-MW but are a bit hesitant about the price point, there are some alternatives that might interest you. The Bullet Space Pen (also from Fisher) is more compact at 3.75“ and lacks the limited edition aspect, but will give you the same writing performance for about one fifth of the price. If you’re looking for something a bit more premium, Tactile Turn carries a similar side-click pen. Despite not having the iconic space pen refill, it does feature premium material options and a variety of sizes to fit your EDC.

In the end, whether you like to collect pens, space paraphernalia, or just want to add a sleek pen to your everyday carry, the AG7-MW Moonwalker provides the same reliable, premium writing experience that Fisher is known for, in a handsome, history-filled package. Pick one up at the link below.

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