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Having your EDC organized and in one place is a great way to keep things easy to access and to keep you from forgetting to carry tools you may need for your daily tasks. Made out of genuine Horween leather sourced in the USA, the Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer was specifically designed for this purpose, while offering a stylish way to showcase your gear. Measuring in at 6.3“ x 4.72”, the Urban Organizer has more than enough room to carry common EDC tools.

On the front are three separate slots designed to carry a pocket knife, a flashlight, and a pen (or similar-sized items) and to keep them from scratching against each other. The middle compartment is about as big as the organizer itself and is suited towards carrying things like a passport or notebook. Finally a smaller back pocket handles essential cards or a bit of cash. Aside from its durable leather construction, the Urban Organizer is saddle-stitched by hand with thick waxed poly cord. It’s available at the link below in English Tan, Nut Brown, and Black, so there’s bound to be one that matches your style and carry.

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