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Tactile Turn Side Click

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Tactile Turn Side Click

Just about everyone loves a good clicky ballpoint pen for everyday carry. Aside from its practicality, the click mechanism represents a bit of fidgety fun you can have as you go about your business. But while you’re sure to be familiar with the standard rear-click pen, you might find it interesting to know that side click pen mechanisms exist too. With these great EDC pens, the side placement of the click mechanism makes for easy actuation without having to completely change your grip on the pen. The new Tactile Turn Side Click Pen features an ultra-snappy all-metal side click pen design that’s entirely made in Texas, making it a sleek, solid new addition to your stationery EDC.

Like all of Tactile Turn’s line of everyday carry pens, the Side Click maintains the elegant, simple, and sleek minimal lines that the brand and chief designer Will Hodges is known for. Similar to their highly-successful Bolt Action Pen, the Side Click actuates as it sounds, via a click mechanism on its side. Unlike off-the-shelf click mechanisms though, the Side Click’s is made entirely of metal, giving it a satisfying snappiness in click response when deploying the pen. Like the internals the exterior of the pen is made of metal, and it’s available in three premium materials: titanium, copper, bronze, and zirconium.

It’s also available in the length of your choice, from the standard 5.8 inch long model all the way down to a smaller 4.6 inch everyday carry mini note taker. If you’re looking to add a unique touch of flair, you can get the clip upgraded to a snazzy titanium Damascus attached to the body with two Torx screws for a secure fit. Custom engraving available on either side of the pen allows you to make it your own. And as far as actual use for writing, the addictive click mechanism and the wide variety of compatible ink cartridges makes the Side Click a joy to use.

The high-quality innovative Side Click is more than your next daily driver EDC pen, it’s built to last and passed on to the future. But while you have it in your hands, you’ll have a blast writing with it and fidgeting with the side click mechanism for years to come. Check out more details about what makes the Tactile Turn Side Click pen so unique and well-suited for your own set of everyday carry gear and buy one today at the link below.

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