G-SHOCK Forged Carbon MUDMASTER GWG2000-1A3

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G-SHOCKs are in a league of their own when it comes to watches that can resist the wear and tear of daily use even in the harshest conditions. But even within the legendary lineup some models are a cut above the rest, purpose-built to truly be the toughest watches you can wear on your wrist.

One look at the new GWG2000-1A3 and it’s clear that every millimeter of the watch was designed for toughness, and worthy of carrying the MUDMASTER badge. True to its name, the watch is both dust and mud-resistant thanks to a screw lock crown and mud-resistant buttons, with stainless steel pipes and silicone buffers bolstering their construction against ingress. But its unique feature is a new forged carbon bezel paired with a carbon core guard case structure, allowing for maximum impact protection while still contained in a wearable 54.4mm case weighing 3.74 ounces.

The secret to the new bezel and structure is carbon fiber, which is then heat-pressed to shape MUDMASTER’s premium components. Its carbon fiber reinforced frame, stainless steel buttons  with silicone buffers, bolster its structure. The result is a thinner, but no less effective case at 16.1mm, 1.9mm thinner than its predecessor. Inside the case is a hybrid dial, designed and optimized for maximum legibility in the outdoors.

 It features a digital display that delivers information depending on which sensor you activate: thermometer, barometer, altimeter, or digital compass, indicated by a yellow arrow on the top left quadrant and the second hand points to north, altitude or barmetric pressure differential depending on the mode. The analog timekeeping utilizes oversized Arabic numerals at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. For low light conditions, you can activate its Super illuminator function composed of two high-brightness LEDs, which in turn help power up the Neobrite coating on the analog hands

The face itself is protected by a clear, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal featuring a non-reflective coating. Even the band features a detailed texture that adds to the robust aesthetic while also adding grip while worn. This Tough Movement, Tough Solar powered G-SHOCK, naturally, is also water resistant for up to 200 meters, offering top tier protection against every element.

But it’s not all brawn with the GWG2000-1A3. Like with many flagship G-SHOCKs, you can expect a full suite of timekeeping and data-tracking functions, like a 1/100-second stopwatch, 5 daily alarms, a countdown timer and world time for 29 time zones + UTC. Last but not least, you can count on the watch keeping you on a precise schedule thanks to GSHOCK’s signature Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping technology. Pick up the best of the best at the link below.

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