G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GRB300: A G-Shock for the Skies

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As a brand renowned for its uncompromising commitment to durable and reliable timekeeping, G-SHOCK has long been a go-to choice for both watch and EDC enthusiasts worldwide. The recent introduction of the G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GRB300 is geared towards aviation, with special features aimed to help those who traverse the skies. 

The new GRAVITYMASTER is part of G-SHOCK’s Master of G series which are purpose built for professionals. The Master of G assortment is divided into Air, Land and Sea, of which the new GRB300 represents the Air category. It features G-SHOCK’s shock-resistant carbon core guard structure, ensuring unparalleled durability in the face of even the most challenging conditions. The watch case, crafted from carbon fiber reinforced resin measures an impressive 59.0 x54.7 x15.7 mm / 71g, and is designed for high visibility and with an aircraft-inspired aesthetic in mind. The bezel features integrated molding and two rings—a metal ring and a urethane ring—installed beneath it. This combination of materials gives the bezel a visual presence that embodies the sleek lines of next-generation aircraft. The side buttons feature anti-slip texturing inspired by hazard warning stripe tapes, and the guards beneath the buttons have been eliminated for even better operability.

In line with G-SHOCK’s commitment to sustainability, key resin components used in the case, bezel, and band of the GRB300 are made with bio-based resin. Produced using renewable organic resources, this material is expected to help reduce the watch’s environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Available in a range of colorways, including grey/blue (GRB300-8A2), black/white/red (GRB300-1A), and black/orange (GRB300-1A4),the GRB300’s dial is distinct and legible. The watch features a large-diameter, triple-layer dial with a sense of depth, ensuring that time can be intuitively read at a glance (which is one of the most important factors to look for in a pilot watch). There’s also a high-brightness LED (Super Illuminator) light. Drawing inspiration from a plane’s cockpit, the GRB300 features a high-contrast black-and-white color scheme that enhances the visibility of the watch hands and index marks. The red and white colors of the GRB300-1A add a touch of vibrancy, while the orange hues of theGRB300-1A4 are reminiscent of the color of a cockpit instrument panel’s nighttime illumination. The blue hue of the GRB300-8A2, on the other hand, was inspired by the colors found in a fighter jet’s heads-up display (HUD).These distinctive color combinations not only look great, but they also provide practical functionality that aligns with the aviation theme.

What sets the GRAVITYMASTER GRB300 apart from the rest of the G-SHOCK line are its aviation-focused features including a dual time display, and a dynamic flight log function to record time, location, and routes traveled. The dual time display allows wearers to simultaneously track time in two cities located in different time zones. Configuring world time settings is a breeze using the dedicated CASIO Watches app, and switching between home time and world time is equally effortless. The GRB300’s flight log function lets you record your current time and position on a map in the app by syncing the watch with your smartphone. This feature comes in handy for tracking departure and arrival times and locations. The plotted data can be grouped for batch management of travel record details, making it easy to keep track of your adventures.

The GRB300 also features Tough Solar technology for solar and artificial light charging, a stopwatch, and a daily alarm. With G-SHOCK’s signature shock resistance and water resistance up to 200 meters, as well as Bluetooth connectivity which automatically adjusts the time with your smartphone, the GRB300 is a timepiece designed to keep pace with even the most adventurous spirits.

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