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Kershaw Intellect

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Kershaw Intellect

Kershaw is off to a great 2016 with the introduction of dozens of products to their catalog, including knives and accessories of every fit, finish, and function. The Intellect is one such new item, and adds a classy, machined look to Kershaw's solid complement of flipper features. The 8Cr13MoV blade on the Intellect has good edge retention with low maintenance, and comes with a high polish for a dressier look. Its 3” wharncliffe shape provides general-purpose utility, and its SpeedSafe-powered flipper deployment means the Intellect is ready to work at a moment's notice. Its handles keep the blade safe with a framelock, and the contoured stainless steel features Kershaw's titanium carbon nitride coating for a unique gunmetal aesthetic. Best of all, like most of Kershaw's knives, the Intellect offers great value for little investment. Make a smart choice this year and add a sharp touch to your EDC by picking up the Intellect at the link below.

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Nathaniel P ·
Question to anyone interested, when did the term wharncliffe change? In my mind, a wharncliffe blade has a straight cutting edge (See Spyderco Yojimbo, Cold Steel Tuff Lite, etc.) Now manufacturers (Benchmade, Quartermaster, etc.) are using it for a wide variety of blade shapes, which I would consider drop point, spear point, etc. Thoughts?
Don Bancroft ·
I noticed that too. According to Wikipedia a Warncliffe has a straight edge like a Sheep's foot except with a curved back instead of a straight one. Other sources liken it to an upside down blade shape and a few say it has chisel grind edge. I don't see any of that on this knife. I owned a small Kershaw pocket knife years ago that was nice because it had a handle with rounded ends that didn't wear holes in my pants pocket.
James Williams ·
If you look on the Amazon description it calls it a drop point.
Richard Young ·
I have well over 100 knives & am considering adding another