MecArmy CPLU Titanium Watchband Light

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The best flashlight for everyday carry is the one you can actually lug around with you on a daily basis. And when pocket space is limited, sometimes even the most compact EDC flashlight can be too big for your needs. So what are the other options? Sure, you can use the flash on your smartphone, but that comes with its own drawbacks. If you also carry a watch, however, you should check out the new MecArmy CPLU flashlight: it’s designed to fit right on your watchband, giving you a strong and convenient source of light at your disposal, accessible all the time.

Unlike a traditional flashlight, MecArmy designed the CPLU to fit on the band of your watch. As long as the width of the watch band is equal to or less than 24mm, it’s designed to slide on securely. And if you prefer to attach it to your EDC gear, it can also attach onto MOLLE-compatible webbing. Operation of the watch itself is simple, with a large single push button that turns the single Cree XP-G2 S4 LED up to a maximum brightness of 300 lumens out the front (towards your wrist). You can dial the light down to 4 lumens with a total of 7.1 hours of runtime, and a strobe mode also helps guide rescuers to your position in an emergency.

When the battery runs dry, you can charge it through the built-in micro USB port. A gasket covers the port, and that, along with its precision CNC-machined titanium body, helps the CPLU maintain a IPX6 waterproof ingress rating. And because it’s 1 meter impact-resistant as well, you can rest assured that you can bang it on your wrist as you move around without having to worry about the flashlight failing on you when you need it the most.

If you’re in the market for a unique way to keep a light on you at all times without having to sacrifice pocket space or spare time for retrieval in an emergency, the new MecArmy CPLU rechargeable wristband light is a compelling option for you to consider. Its unique design and robust features and construction makes it a tool that you can rely on for years to come. Click the link below to purchase one for yourself today.

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