Next-Level Knives and the Future of Flashlights in This Week’s New Releases

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CJRB’s upgraded Bowie Pyrite steals the spotlight in this week’s new releases, along with a voice-activated headlamp, sleek pen, and stylish messenger bag.

The New S90V Pyrite Is CJRB’s Best Yet

We previously featured the CJRB Bowie Pyrite folding knife from Artisan Cutlery back when it used their proprietary AR-RPM9 steel for the blade, and we’ve been paying close attention ever since. They’ve taken things a step higher with this new release, now featuring a blade forged from CPM S90V. This premium steel is renowned for its exceptional wear resistance, promising longevity and reliability in every use. The CJRB Bowie Pyrite features a robust button-lock mechanism complemented by grippy thumb studs, making it effortlessly fidget-friendly. Its non-reversible deep carry titanium pocket clip ensures secure storage, with its smooth edges and carefully calculated stiffness providing optimal comfort and accessibility. The Bowie-type clip-point blade enhances versatility, a hallmark of survival knives, ensuring the CJRB Bowie Pyrite is ready for any challenge.

The new lightweight titanium handle adds a touch of elegance and completes the elite ensemble, making this the best version of the Pyrite yet.

COAST’s Voice Activated RL35R Headlamp Takes “Hands-Free” to the Next Level

COAST takes “hands-free” illumination to the next level with their latest headlamp, the RL35R. You get two main LEDs—one for spot and one for flood—which can be used independently or combined for up to 1,100 lumens of output. There are green and blue LEDs for preserving night vision and map reading, as well as for identification and inspection. Surrounding the LED array is the “ARC280°” area light system which contains diffused warm and red LEDs for even more utility. That’s already plenty useful for a headlamp, but the RL35R takes it to the next level with its ability to recognize voice commands. While it does have a full set of controls up top, when activated, the headlamp can recognize commands like “COAST ARC” or “COAST RED” to enable whichever illumination is needed, without needing your hands to fiddle with switches or lose their grip on an important task. It’s an unprecedented feature we didn’t even realize would be so useful, but it makes perfect sense.

The RL35R is all business up front but rounds out its features on the back, which houses a rear safety signal as well as its rechargeable ZX850 (18650) Li-ion battery, along with a convenient USB-C charging port on both the light and the battery itself. With IP54 dust and water resistance, the RL35R is ready for the next adventure, and we’re definitely COAST ON board for what the brand has in store next.

The TI2 Design TechLiner Grid Pen Comes With a Premium Build and a Magnetic Personality

There’s something profoundly gratifying about wielding a finely crafted pen— especially one as meticulously designed as the Ti2 Design–Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen. Built from titanium with a media-blasted and tumbled space gray finish, this pen exudes quality and style, making for a cool, high-quality, and comfortable-feeling product. The TechLiner Grid Pen sports a unique drafting style tip that offers extended visibility, additional room for technical drawing tools, and a machined grid finish that gives the pen a firm grip. It also boasts a unique magnetic cap retention system, which uses three rare earth magnets to securely attach the cap to either the tip or tail of the pen. This design not only makes capping and uncapping effortless, but it also adds a fun, fidgety element, making the pen a delight to use.

The Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen is available in three sizes—Regular(5.75”), Shorty (5.0”), and Super Shorty (4.0”)— each retaining the same high-quality construction and magnetic cap functionality. It also accommodates several ink refill options, including the popular Pilot G2 and Uni-Ball Jetstream. So, whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching diagrams, or simply signing your name, the Ti2 Design–Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen is a reliable writing tool that promises to deliver unwavering precision with every stroke.

Slice in Style With the New WE Knife Co. Nitro OG

The WE Knife Co. Nitro OG is a premium folding knife designed for everyday carry and tactical use, and comes as a full-sized version of the original Nitro Mini designed by Peter Carey (best known for his Spyderco Rubicon collaborations). This mid-sized folder features a 3.75″ drop point blade made from CPM 20CV steel, known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is constructed from lightweight, high-strength 6AL4V titanium with a sleek aluminum foil carbon fiber inlay and a polished bead-blasted finish for a touch of elegance. The blade deploys smoothly, thanks to its dual opening system consisting of a flipper tab and a thumb stud. Once opened, the secure frame lock keeps the blade in place during use.

The Nitro OG also features a tip-up right-hand carry pocket clip for convenience and a caged ceramic ball-bearing pivot for an exceptionally smooth action. With its robust construction, elegant design, and high-performance craftsmanship that WE Knife is renowned for, the Nitro OG is a practical and reliable choice for everyday carry.

Rock Your Playlist With Pride With Skullcandy’s Limited Edition Terrain XL

June is Pride Month, and Skullcandy is celebrating in style and support with a special colorway of their Terrain XL all-weather portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes with everything you’d want for a powerful party on the go, including 18 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.3 connection to all your devices, IPX7 waterproofing so the sounds don’t stop when the rain drops, and convenient USB-C charging for easy top up when the night calls for longer jams.

A portion of the proceeds from this limited-edition Terrain XL speaker supports LGBTQ+ mental health programs, so play your tunes with pride knowing you’re making a difference.

WaterField Designs’ Tokyo-Inspired Shinjuku Messenger Bag Was Built for the Hustle and Bustle

Inspired by the bustling streets of Tokyo, the Shinjuku Messenger Bag from WaterField Designs offers an array of features tailored to meet your daily demands. Its main compartment includes a padded section that securely holds your laptop or tablet, with “Compact” and “Full” size options available to fit Apple’s latest 11” and 13” iPad Pros with M4 chips. Additional pockets, including a zippered pocket and an expandable pleated pocket, keep your essentials organized and easily accessible. Carrying heavier loads is made more comfortable with its 1.5” nylon shoulder strap and optional shoulder pad, while the gold, water-resistant liner provides enhanced visibility of contents.

It’s available in three color and material combinations—Brown Waxed Canvas, Storm Grey X-Pac Canvas, and Black X-Pac Canvas. The full-grain leather panel adds a touch of elegance and character, developing a beautiful patina over time, ensuring that your bag ages gracefully with each use. X-Pac Canvas is a high-performance textile that blends the durability, lightweight characteristics, and water resistance of X-Pac with a soft canvas feel. The Shinjuku Messenger Bag is a statement of style and efficiency, meticulously designed and crafted in WaterField’s San Francisco workshop.

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