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If you have your eyes set on adding a vintage watch to your EDC, you usually have to search used goods stores and auction sites hoping to find your perfect match. And chances are that you’ll strike out because there’s only so many originals out there still ticking away. Thankfully some watchmakers are bringing back their vintage models for purchase today. Take the newly reissued SK Diver Retro from Orient, a popular watch brand in the EDC community for their excellent value and timeless designs, for example. It brings back classic retro style from an original 1970s design with present-day performance upgrades, making for a stylish timepiece that holds up in your modern carry.

The SK Diver Retro has a unique aesthetic that’s slimmer and rounder than other diver-style watches, even today. With a case diameter of 41.7mm and a band width of 18mm, it’s sized just right for most wrists, trimming a lot of the bulk that tends to dominate the diver watch category in general. The slimness of the SK Diver Retro extends to its integration of an inner rotating bezel around the face, letting you keep track of your remaining air should you find yourself at depth with its 50M of water resistance. The watch face is distinctly legible with multiple color options (red, champagne, and blue) as well as bold dots for the hours and a day-date display for your convenience.

Inside the stainless steel case you’ll find an upgraded 22-jewel automatic, hand-winding, hacking movement with one more jewel than the original upon its release decades ago. This allows you to recharge the power reserve on the watch both through your natural everyday movements while it’s on your wrist and also through deliberate winding of the mechanism. The “hacking“ mechanism allows for seamless synchronization down to the second, because it allows you to stop the movement of the watch at will.

The newly reproduced Orient SK Diver Retro lets you get a classic timepiece in your hand without the hassle of trying to find a vintage piece. Plus, unlike a used watch, it comes with a 1 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. Make things easy for yourself and snatch one up today at the link below.

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