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I’m not a huge guy (not a guy, either) so not looking to carry around a hulking mass of metal everywhere. Tend to go with what my needs are likely to be any given day.

  • Koyono slimmy wallet
  • Sunshine products titanium AAA container (for extra cash) always on keychain
  • Scosche iPhone/iPad charger cable for heavy office workdays
  • Titanium Arc-AAA flashlight for fall
  • Muyschondt crazy bright flashlight for deep winter
  • William Henry titanium damascus folder

Not pictured: the iPhone I took this pic with, occasional leatherman minitool or swisskeytool

Also: LOVE the little MM clips I can clip stuff to my keychain with.

Still looking for:

  • A decent small, light bottle opener
  • A small source of fire
  • A small, light pen or pencil

Editor’s Note: Wow, nice minimalist setup. You’ve got some rare, high-quality awesome tools here, all of which are compact with great materials… Good use of McGizmo clips for modularity if you need to join or separate things. As for a bottle opener, I think you might like the PocketToolX Mini Brewzer. For a small source of fire you could look at the CountyComm Split Pea lighter, and for a small pen I use a Kaweco Liliput fountain pen. You might also like the Pilot Birdy SS for a compact clicky ballpoint pen. Anyway, good luck and thanks for sharing.

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