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submitted by Craig Etkin

Hi, Love your site!  Here’s some of my EDC.  I usually prefer items for defensive carry scenarios as I’m out in a urban environment daily.  This is what usually makes the short list for carry.

1. Semmerling LM4 .45 ACP (spare mag not pictured)
2. Nitecore EX11
3. Dwaine Carrillo MoniTor No. 5 blade
4. Laci Szabo Mega Koppo Stick in Titanium
5. Bobby whistle
6. iPhone/iPad in Saddle Back leather case

Editor’s Note: Now this is definitely a defensively themed carry. That kubotan looks crazy! It might be difficult for some to understand the concept of carrying things you hope you never have to use… I focus more on featuring general/urban utility here, but it’s interesting to see such a variety in pocket dumps. Thanks for sharing and stay safe~

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